Divorced During The Holidays? Look Behind The Tree


The holidays are a time when being divorced is very difficult and I have spent many a Christmas and New Year’s in the past just wishing it would be over and we could go back to normal everyday life. Being divorced during the holidays can make you feel very lonely. But there is something very special you can experience during this time if you are willing to look for it…

Remember, as a child on Christmas morning, searching behind the Christmas tree, hoping to find more gifts? You knew there had to be more, or at least you had the hope and excitement of finding one last gift that hadn’t been opened yet. You can do the same when you are suffering through the loneliness of divorce.

Look behind your cross for hidden gifts… the blessings you don’t readily recognize. Have you come closer to Christ as a result of your divorce? Have you learned to rely more on Him through prayer and embracing your faith? Are you now free to live your faith to the fullest, whereas you were held back from that during your marriage?

Was there an abusive behavior tearing the family apart that has now ceased since your ex-spouse left? Although divorce is a terrible thing to go through, oftentimes there is a great relief that comes with being able to be freed from the grip of a spouse’s abusive behavior. Even arguments that no longer take place become a blessing in the midst of the cross.

There probably are many hidden gifts behind the tree that are waiting to be discovered.

God sees you, His beloved, in all the beauty and glory in which He created you. His love for you, no matter how great a sinner or how great a saint you are, is beyond anything you can imagine. It is passionate, it is consistent, it is never-ending. God will never leave you and He wants you to rely on Him.

He gave us the perfect example of how to totally depend upon Him through his own birth into the cold, cruel world as a completely helpless infant, relying on others for everything.

 Ask God, then, to reveal to you the gifts He’s given you that you are unaware of. Maybe you have hidden talents that you’ve never used before. Ask Him to bring all this to light for you, that you may find your new purpose in life, refreshment, and renewal.


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