Lightning Struck Quickly For Sean & Lisa


The Akron-to-Pittsburgh corridor is only about a two-hour drive and one that’s perfect for a couple looking to use the online venue to expand their dating horizons. That was the case for Sean and Lisa, both 27-years-old, with the former in Akron and the latter in Pittsburgh.

“We both joined for the same reasons,” Sean told CatholicMatch. “(We were) dissatisfied with what we were finding. They both decided that an online site based on faith was worth their time, and it only took hours after creating his profile for Sean to be spotted by Lisa.

“I could hardly believe someone so amazing could be found so quickly,” Sean said. “Attraction was instantaneous.”

The couple wasted no time in getting together, and making good use of I-76, the Pennsylvania/Ohio Turnpike,  have moved forward in building a relationship with exciting possibilities. “I cannot wait to see where this goes and truly feel that God is with us,” Sean reflected.

Indeed, however this all plays out, God is with Sean & Lisa as the move into the future together. Lightning doesn’t always—or even usually—strike this quickly, but when it does, it’s special to see it unfold. Sean and Lisa, and those close to them, have the opportunity to watch that happen.


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  1. Jeannie-822585 March 18, 2015 Reply

    This must be the Sean Show…I just noticed how many testimonies include Sean, but I think five different ones!!!

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