Single Catholics: Never Settle For Less Than An Adventure


It was late on a Friday afternoon when I grabbed my purse and my empty lunch bag and made my way to the elevator bank in my office building in anticipation of a relaxing Friday evening. I excitedly pressed the button waiting for the red light to signal my start to the weekend, but to my surprise, the button remained unchanged.

I took a step back and was only a minute away from accepting the reality of a seven-floor descent down the stairs when one set of elevator doors unexpectedly opened. A middle-age man with a laptop bag draped across his shoulder looked back at me with a goofy smile.

I tentatively crossed the threshold into the elevator to see an outstretched arm in front of me.

“I might as well introduce myself,” the man said. “My name is Pete.”

Pete explained the peculiar situation: Instead of making its way to the desired floor, the elevator was stopping at each and every floor in our building. Each floor, open and close. Open and close. Open and close.

Knowing that we would need to make our way up to floor 15 before beginning our journey down to floor one, I prepared to exit at the next floor.

“Why leave?” Pete questioned. “This could be quite an adventure.”

And it was.

We explained the situation to numerous perplexed employees who joined our Friday afternoon journey, and each person laughed as they too introduced themselves to the group. By the time we found ourselves on the first floor, it became clear that Pete’s assurance that the elevator ride would be an adventure had, in fact, been true.

As singles, we often think life’s adventures our reserved for our attached friends who have marriage and family life on the horizon. Our adventures may be different, but they hold just as much depth and satisfaction. Whether it’s as momentous as an international trip or as simple as an unexpected elevator ride, God has handpicked special adventures for each and every one of us.

When an opportunity to live life more deeply presents itself, take it. Wrap your arms around each of these moments and remember that God wraps his arms around singles who desire the same adventures as our married counterparts.

Catholic singles, never settle for less than the unexpected adventure.



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  1. Vhie-763540 December 18, 2011 Reply

    Yes! Amen! Thanks for sharing Jessica. I will look forward to mine.

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