10th Day Of Christmas: Victor Builds Relationships


On the 10th day of Christmas, we spotlight Victor.


What were the greatest blessings of 2011?

2011 was a tremendous year for me personally. After dealing with health issues that negatively affected every area of my life in 2008 and 2009, with 2010 being a turnaround and recovery year, this past year is where I was able to finally turn the corner and take a huge step forward towards what I had, for a period of time, believed was no longer within my reach. Looking back I realize this past year was better than even I had thought it was.


How has your approach to finding a mate evolved?

In my younger days, my approach to dating was more or less akin to throwing darts while blindfolded. The dating aspect often became the greater focus than the overall building of the relationship, and before very long would fail. Over the years as I have grown and matured, I have become more focused on the overall quality of my relationships with the belief that, in God’s time, my mate will be the one that He has chosen for me.


What’s your CatholicMatch strategy?

I joined CatholicMatch with no real expectations that I would necessarily meet my future wife but with a reasonable expectation that I would make friends. And at this point, my expectations have been met in both instances.

When I first decided to join this site I had no real strategy in mind. This was (and still is) the only dating site I have ever joined, so I was very green to the whole online dating concept. So I decided to take the same approach here as I do to dating overall. I figured I would form bonds and build friendships and perhaps something would evolve from one of those.


Why do you stay on CatholicMatch?

I stay for the community and the friendships I’ve made and continue to make here. There are many many good, decent, God-centered people on this site. I enjoy the relationships I’ve been blessed with that have come as a result of being here while always being open to anything else that may or may not come.


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?   

My favorite Christmas tradition has always been Midnight Mass. No matter what year or what my state of life is, it always feels extra special to me. Coming from an Italian family, we always do the standard Christmas Eve and Christmas Day get-together and meals. Christmas dinner is always at my aunt’s house. Christmas Eve dinner is either at my mother’s house or my aunt’s house.


What is your hope for 2012?  

My greatest personal hope for this New Year is that I’m able to continue and build on what I left 2011 with. I hope to both better myself at work and to progress in furthering my education with the same success that I enjoyed last year.

I hope for love, health, and happiness for all those I love. And I certainly hope 2012 is the year that God chooses to provide some clarity as to who His chosen mate for me is.


Make a prediction for 2012.

Predictions are always fun to make, aren’t they? When I think of predictions I think of Nostradamus: “To many a visionary, but to many more, a fool.”

About the only prediction I will make is that I will enjoy many successes and suffer through many failures, and both will be done according to God’s will.



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  1. Bernie-645443 January 6, 2012 Reply

    Hi Victor, hope to see more of your fresh perspective in the forums.

  2. Cindy-534370 January 5, 2012 Reply

    Kudos! Well if anyone needs one to count on to say a prayer for them, it’s you.

    Good Luck in the New Year 2012,
    Merry Christmas,

  3. Christine-747793 January 4, 2012 Reply

    Victor…wonderful writing from you and may God keep you healthy evermore. -C

  4. Ithro-543226 January 3, 2012 Reply

    Hey, Victor! It is good to see you!! I wish you well and hope your wildest dreams come true this year of 2012. Go bless

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