12th Day Of Christmas: John Knows She’ll Be Worth The Wait


On the 12th and last day of Christmas, we feature John.


What were the greatest blessings of 2011?

There is a lot to be thankful for. My family continues to be healthy and happy. I’ve met some personal goals and gotten some great opportunities.

Perhaps one of the more unique things was the opportunity to take a trip to the Holy Land with a childhood friend. While I had seen a good amount of Israel back when I was in the Navy, going with a church group changed the focus of the tours, and we got to go some places (like Jerusalem!) that had been off-limits to us as sailors.

The wonderful thing about those trips is that whenever I hear a reading from the Bible or am reading on my own, I can almost always visualize the actual area in which the Biblical story is taking place. It is really a neat way to feel more connected to Scripture.


How has your approach to finding a mate evolved?

It certainly changes as you get older. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a no-win situation; many times the women my age are in quite a bit of a hurry to find Mr. Right, and while the women who are younger tend to be willing to take more time, they also look at me as being too old. And to be fair, I’m not enthusiastic about dating somebody young enough to theoretically be my daughter, and I certainly would not mind getting married before I got much older.

I just keep telling myself that she’s out there somewhere. Maybe I’ve just needed to grow and develop more before we are ready to meet. I’m sure that when we do finally get together, the wait will have been worth it.


What’s your CatholicMatch strategy?  

Well, it’s pretty much stalled at the moment. I am supposed to be moving to another part of the country in the not too distant future, so it doesn’t seem like a good idea to try to strike up a relationship where I am right now (although I certainly do like the area and wouldn’t at all mind coming back some day).

On the advice of some helpful ladies here on CatholicMatch, I’ve tried adding more pictures of me on horses. My spies tell me that many women will fall for a guy on a horse. Unfortunately, I’m usually behind the lens, not in front of it, so I don’t have too many pictures of me riding. I have gotten a fair amount of positive feedback on them.


Why do you stay on CatholicMatch?

It is important to me that my wife be compatible with my faith. I tried other dating sites before coming to CatholicMatch. I did actually end up meeting more women, but they really didn’t have my value system. It’s a sad commentary on the state of society today, but I honestly don’t doubt it would be easier for me to get laid next weekend than it would be to go on a meaningful date. Since I very much believe that sex is a gift meant for married couples only, I was disappointed to keep on getting matched on other sites with people who think sex is a natural part of any on-going relationship.

I am definitely much happier and feel more at ease when dating somebody who values the same things I do. Since God is at the top of that list, I really look for ways to seek a spouse who will want us to take the same faith journey together.

I also enjoy debating in the forums. There are a number of very sharp people there who know their stuff, and it has helped me become better at discussing faith and politics – you know, the stuff Miss Manners says you’re not to be chatting about.


What’s your favorite Christmas tradition?   

Spending it with family. The only time I was not with my family for Christmas, I was on a ship in the Persian Gulf without much say in the matter!

My grandparents lived close enough together that we would visit both sides of the family over the Christmas holiday. It was a great racket for my sister and I; neither set of Grandparents was going to be left out of the Santa festivities, so we had two stockings and two presents from Santa.

As we got older, it was just nice to be able to see family. I can almost drive from the Atlantic to the Pacific without needing a hotel – my family is that spread out now. Telephones and emails are nice, but nothing beats being able to see people face to face and spend time with them.


What is your hope for 2012? 

I hope to meet my best friend for the rest of my life, fall in love with her, and start dating! I hope to be reunited with some friends I haven’t seen in years, and I hope to make new ones when I move.

Oh yes, and world peace (with apologies to Sandra Bullock and Miss Congeniality)!


Make a prediction for 2012.  

I think I can safely predict that Americans will be thoroughly sick of political campaign commercials by the end of the summer, if not sooner.

I also predict that whoever it is out there who keeps on coming up with such things will be predicting a new End of the World date when it turns out the universe does not come to a halt just because the Mayan calendar does.

Lastly, I predict that I will end the year 60 pounds lighter than when I started it. That would be easier if Thanksgiving and Christmas were not so incredibly full of good food….Time to get back on track.



  1. Maureen-773364 January 7, 2012 Reply

    I enjoyed your post!I also believe that my special someone will be worth the wait. I wish you the very best. Happy New Year! Maureen

  2. Bernie-645443 January 6, 2012 Reply

    Hi John, congratulations ! Good to see you here. Thanks for all the enlightening posts , hope you are able to keep them coming. Best wishes for a safe and serene move and and your other goals.

  3. Cindy-534370 January 5, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations! I totally enjoy reading your posts, many are thought provoking in a good way and at times you have made me laugh, not everybody can make me laugh on serious topics!

    Best of luck for the New Year 2012.
    Merry Christmas,

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