Archbishop Dolan: ‘God Is Eager To Give Us A Fresh Start’


If you’re still trying to devise a New Year’s resolution, Archbishop Tim Dolan of New York has some advice.

“Let me catch you while the year is still fresh to suggest a couple resolutions,” he writes in his latest blog post. “There are a few promises we can make for 2012, during these first days of the first week of the New Year, about the first things in life.”

The archbishop goes on to expand on these three ideas:

Number one:  first thing, every day, is a morning offering. Our first thought daily is of the Lord. We wake-up because of Him; we got through the night because of Him; we’ll make-it through this new day only because of His grace and mercy. No wonder, then, that, as soon as we awake, we think of Him in prayer: we tell Him we love Him, we need Him, we thank Him, we trust Him, and we offer the new day to Him in a morning offering.

Number two:  first day, every week, is Sunday Mass.  It’s the Lord’s Day, our sabbath, the day of His resurrection.  We catch our breath from the just concluded week and place the coming week in His providential hands.  No better way to do that than in joining our spiritual family, the Church, in the most sacred Sunday meal of all, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, first thing, first day of the week, on Sunday.

Number three:  First Friday, every month, we approach the sacrament of penance.  Remember the beautiful custom of First Friday?  It’s a long shot, but I wish it could be revived.  Jesus died on the cross to save us on a Friday.  The first Friday of every month we tell Him we’re sorry for our sins, and ask the mercy of His most Sacred Heart, with a good confession. Not bad …

Archbishop Dolan concludes with a beautiful reminder for single Catholics: “We have a God of newness; we have a God always eager to give us a fresh start.”

So tell me: As a single Catholic, what kind of fresh start are you hoping for in 2012?



  1. Mary-667135 August 27, 2012 Reply

    I am determined to take advantage of the Fresh Start! I have had five years of sadness, tragedy, and a crushed heart. Eight months ago my beloved daughter died after an illness of over 25 years. It was two years after my husband died after a very short bout of lung cancer. Less than two years before that my son died unexpectedly. Three funerals in four years. I didn’t have time to “finish” mourning, if there is such a thing, before the next occurrence. I have one child left, and, thank you Lord, she is healthy and still young, 33 next week. I also have four grandchildren I adore.

    That’s the bad part. The “good” part is that most of my family and friends, and ALL the members of the Catholic lay community I belong to, supported me with prayer, help of every sort, and love. I also found out who were really the people in my life who did love me and my family, and lived their faith. I cherish each of them.

    I have just sold my home where my husband and I would live out our lives. Way too big for one person. More upkeep than I can do myself, too many people I have to hire, and too many favors I have had to ask from friends and neighbors. It was the right thing to do, although letting go of future gatherings, birthday parties, wet children jumping in and out of the pool and in and out of the house, etc. was sad. I still do have the pictures and the memories. I am purchasing, please God, a lovely town home right near my daughter and two of my grandchildren, and if this short sale ever goes through, it’s mine!

    After that? Hopefully I will be able to re-commit to my community and serve all those who come to us. I will be able to help my daughter with her family instead of her giving up so much to help me as she lost her brother, Daddy and sister/best friend. It’s time for her to have a new start too. I have taken this time while I am “homeless” waiting for new house, to visit my sister/best friend, and her lovely daughters and their children, going from one to the other and renewing the closeness we had years ago, before caring for my daughter took so much of my time. Last night with my sister, nieces/nephews/kids, we played Bible Baseball, and I have not laughed so hard in years?, decades? at one another’s reactions to being right or wrong on a question. That felt like a part of the fresh start!

    Even my new password on everything has been changed to something reflecting a fresh start.

    I don’t know if I am ready for a relationship yet. I haven’t been on a “date” with someone new for about 40 years! But it is nice to see what other people like me, my age, my second singleness, are adjusting and thriving. I am inspired by their stories and wish all of you who have lost their first loves the very best! God bless you all.

  2. Albert-146514 January 3, 2012 Reply

    “Hope” for 2012 ? ; to change from an Imperfect Catholic to a Catholic that God would approve of.

    Note that I do not aspire to be a “Perfect Catholic” ; not because “there is no such person ” , because some Catholics do become Saints , and also because many of us have different opinions of what defines a “Perfect Catholic.

    I certainly do however begin each day with the thought that each day is a “Present from God” and I must make myself worthy of this Gift.

    “From those to who much is given , much is expected.”

  3. Albert-146514 January 3, 2012 Reply

    “A People of Hope- Archbishop Timothy Dolan in conversation with J. Allen Jr”

    Greenwich Library 270.2092 Dolan

  4. Stephen-725391 January 3, 2012 Reply

    That He gives my life back!

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