Impress A Crush With Faith-And-Reason Cheese & Vegetables


Jeremiah won over Elizabeth, a fellow philosophy major, with his Catholic faith & his cooking

In 2009, inspired by St. Thomas Aquinas’ desire to honor his patroness (St. Agnes) with a feast, Jeremiah Begley planned an elaborate meal to share with friends on the saint’s feast day (which is today).

But the single college student also had a secondary motivation. Jeremiah secretly hoped that his menu of Thomistic-themed items—including “Fides et Ratio Formaggio e Verdura,” or faith-and-reason cheese and vegetables—would impress a fellow philosophy major, a young woman whom he happened to like.

It did.

These days, Jeremiah, now 23 and a high-school Latin and religion teacher, lives alone in Washington, D.C. But he’s right around the corner from that very woman, Elizabeth, now his fianceé (full disclosure: she’s also my sister!) Of course their common interests and shared Catholic faith also helped bring them together, but she continues to enjoy his cooking, themed or otherwise.


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  1. Rosa-344135 February 4, 2012 Reply

    This is a cute story… Thanks for the recipe and thanks to the brother for sharing it… bendiciones

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