Jerry Became The Prince Anilu Had Dreamed Of Finding


Anilu, 20-years-old and from SoCal might be of The Internet Generation, and from one of the trendy areas of the country, but she still never expected to meet “a random person from the Internet.”  Then Jerry came along.

Jerry is 22-years-old and also from the SoCal area. After he received an emotigram from Anilu, he took the initiative and sent her a message, and for the best possible reason—Anilu’s interest in God was what he found compelling about her profile.

She came to admire his own commitment to God, as well as his family and his schoolwork. After dating for two weeks, Jerry brought Anilu to her favorite place on the beach, and gave her a bracelet with the question “Would you be my girlfriend,” engraved on it. “…he is such a sweet guy,” Anilu marveled. “Ever since we started dating he has treated me like a princess.”

It’s been fourteen months that Anilu and Jerry have been together.  They’ve gained the strength that comes with going through relationship ups and downs and are continuing to enjoy the experience of growing together. “We are happily in love,” Anilu told CatholicMatch. “I am so grateful to God…I have the prince of my dreams.”



  1. Sonia-1085652 August 2, 2014 Reply

    You both make such a lovely couple; And always remember what my guardian angel told me in a dream once when I asked her, “How, how, will I know he loves me?” And she responded by saying to me:

    1. He will miss you when you are gone;
    2. Like to do the things that you do;
    3. Will love you unconditionally, despite your flaws…..

    God Bless and may you two stay together always….

  2. Annie C. September 7, 2012 Reply

    It has now been 2 years and we are still growing in love together

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