Rob & Sue Endured Pain & Found Each Other


Sue was not a fan of online dating. The 53-year-old widow from the Twin Cities area had tried it and found the whole idea wanting. But she hadn’t tried CatholicMatch, and for her that made all the difference.

“…Catholic Match was a tool enabling me to validate…wanting to have someone to share my faith and would not have to continue practicing my prayer life alone,” she said. And once she was on CatholicMatch, she found it important interact with a large number of members. Rob, the man she was about to meet, felt the same way. “We found that we were confirming our morals and values and knew that who we have become was going to be what we brought to the relationship.”

Rob was also 53 years old and his marriage was annulled shortly before he met Sue online. They both believed that the wisdom they’d each acquired from their experiences had served to deepen their faith, make their goals healthier and give a better understanding of God’s will in their lives.

Sue was willing to relocate for the right person and when Rob found her online, that was an important piece of information. He lived in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and it was a six-hour drive across Wisconsin to get to her hometown. They spent eight months making that drive, spending countless hours on the phone and writing e-mails—putting all the work necessary so they could gain the best possible understanding of their new mate.

The relationship wasn’t without its tense moments. Sue has a little trouble breathing and she recalled being extremely tense that Rob would notice and find it a turnoff. “(It) was one of those ‘heart pounding, hope he doesn’t notice I can’t breathe real well’ moments!,” She recalled. And that wasn’t all… “Oh my, what do I wear and if he is driving to Minnesota, what should we do on this first date?” You name it, Sue was worried about it, as she anticipated his arrival.

Her worries were unfounded. Soon he was at the door and she was looking at someone even more handsome in person than he was online. As they continued to get to know each other, growing in faith and in love, they found their strengths and weaknesses were compatible with each other and that this was indeed what they both wanted. They were married this past New Year’s Eve.

In different ways, Rob and Sue both went through pain to get to this point in their lives and those trials have given them a deeper understanding of what they both want. Sue acknowledges all the questions she wrestled with in seeking God’s will—“are we to be alone or is there a special someone…and if there is someone, how does one find them.”

CatholicMatch was the tool that worked for Sue and Rob. “Pray, listen and it really works,” she enthusiastically advises others following the same path.



  1. Karen-854278 May 9, 2012 Reply

    Thank you both for sharing your story, it’s lovely and inspiring.

    I often wrestle with the question whether God wants me to stay alone or if there really is something special for me to share my life with, I hope and pray. I appreciated Sue’s honesty when she said she had some fears about acceptance, I do too …. as I get older I wonder (in my mind) “will this matter” or “will this situation in my life really matter to someone who cares about me” etc. But, as you both so wonderfully said, when God is at the helm of the union, it all fits together perfectly. I will continue to “pray and listen” and stay hopeful that God has a wonderful man for me.

    Best of luck to you both for years of happiness together.

  2. Terri-838897 April 21, 2012 Reply

    Well… both truly are an inspiration ! I am also your same age and it is wonderful to know that trusting your faith and your heart can lead to a sacred union. Congratulations to you both
    and may you continue to walk in God’s love !

  3. Anne-702606 April 18, 2012 Reply

    My God what a wonderful story! It is very beautiful story to read { that we should never give up) also when it comes to God fearing people age does not matter at any one moment, What is important here is to be open minded and honest persons then other things will flow. I am very happy for both of you, Keep it up!

    I thank God that for opening my mind to this extend by reading various true stories about determined people.

  4. Eileen-675802 January 24, 2012 Reply

    Not everyone is so blessed. People who find their spouses (on line or elsewhere!) are truly blessed and very fortunate.

  5. Patricia-804072 January 21, 2012 Reply

    It is a heart warming story describing how hope and how love can change one’s life. The meeting of Rob and Sue were made in heaven. I am very happy for them both.

  6. Rosa-344135 January 14, 2012 Reply

    Very nice and inspiring story.Thanks Sue and Rob for sharing it with us. Bendiciones, Rosa

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