Two Thumbs Up For Rob & Lexy’s Love Connection


Everyone longs for a relationship that just “clicks”, but things don’t happen without proper preparation. Lexy & Rob, a couple from the East Coast who wed yesterday, were prepared for that special moment when they found each other.

Lexy, a 30-year-old from eastern Pennsylvania, told CatholicMatch that both she and Rob had found a comfort level with being called to the single life—if that was where God was moving them. “Maybe not ‘content’, but comfortable,” she honestly said. That contentment sprang out of a happiness with themselves and who they were.

With their interior groundwork properly in place, they clicked right away when they met on CatholicMatch. “We were able to joke around with each other as if we’d known each other for years and not a few e-mail exchanges,” she recalled. A month later, Lexy was by his hometown near the Jersey shore and they got together for drinks. “I think we could have talked forever, but it was about three hours before we both called it a night.”

Those few hours turned an electronic relationship into a real-world romance. Within a month, they’d both stopped even considering other dating prospects and moved onto courtship. They did what was necessary to put the work in and develop the relationship.

 Lexy’s job required her to travel for weeks at a time, so that meant a lot of phone time, and she doubled the minutes on her calling plan. They spent every weekend they could together, “watching movies, talking and just plain ‘being’ together,” she said. “There wasn’t a topic we didn’t talk about or laugh about.”

Rob and Lexy both found it important to spend time with each others’ families. Within a few months, they were getting positive feedback. “When its right, it’s really obvious,” they were told. They just smoothly integrated into each others clans as though it was meant to be.

They share a well-balanced relationship where humor is mixed in with compassion for the other, a balance that Lexy believes makes difficult life topics easier to discuss. Sharing their Faith was the vital facilitator to making the relationship move so naturally, and after a more than a year of dating it was time to take the next step.

“He took me to the beach that we both love,” Lexy began. “And got down on a knee. I was so shocked and excited I started screaming…we even got ‘two thumbs up’ from the fisherman nearby. No one in either’s circle of family and friends were surprised, and had in fact been expecting it for months.

The comfort level Rob and Lexy had with themselves was able to extend to the other. Something “…you can ENJOY instead of constantly bickering, worrying or second-guessing,” she said.

Now they can enjoy it for a lifetime.



  1. Rosa-344135 January 6, 2012 Reply

    Another lovely story made in heaven!!!


  2. Esther-532964 January 5, 2012 Reply

    Great Story! Please send some good luck and prayers my way. Esther

  3. Stacey-101742 January 2, 2012 Reply

    Aww , I am so happy for you , May God bless your lives and fill you both with all his love =)

  4. Jacqueline-198 January 1, 2012 Reply

    Blessings to both to the lovely couple! May the Lord bless you and keep you!!

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