And The Oscar Goes To…CatholicMatch Bloggers!


The nominations are in for the 84th Academy Awards being held this Sunday. Films like “Moneyball,” “War Horse” and “The Help” are up for “Best Picture,” while stars like George Clooney, Glenn Close and Meryl Streep await the announcement of “Best Actor” or “Best Actress” in a leading role. Award season is upon us with all of its glitz and glam, so I think it’s only fitting to recognize a different breed of celebrities – our CatholicMatch bloggers.

They share their deeply personal reflections with the entire CatholicMatch community on a daily basis, reminding all of us that there is hope in the dating process and that with support and spiritual guidance, we all can journey through this together. These individuals truly are Oscar-worthy, so pop a bag of popcorn and sit back as I proclaim my own CatholicMatch Oscar-winning blogs from the past year.


Best Spiritual Reflection
Catherine Perry: A Silent Retreat, A Rotten Boyfriend, A Burning Bush

When Catherine heard the words “Nothing would make me happier than supporting you” on a silent retreat, she thought she was meant to speak those words to her boyfriend about their failing relationship. Instead, she learned that God was speaking to her about her – a realization that changed everything.


Best Advice
Brian Barcaro: You’re Single, Get Over It

Just when you think life can’t get any tougher, that single life is the lowest life of them all and that there’s no hope, an in-your-face, tell-it-like-it is column like this one presents itself. Unapologetic and honest, CatholicMatch co-founder Brian Barcaro reminds us that maybe we’re the ones in the way of a new relationship. With more than 100 “likes” and 64 comments, I think you all agree that this post is award-winning.


Best Success Story
Christina Ries: Newlyweds Celebrate The Love They Found Online

In addition to the numerous success stories recounted by blogger Dan Flaherty, this post about Paul and Regina Bailey’s wedding overflows with emotion, true love and hope. When the CatholicMatch couple wed in April, a whole lifetime of dreams were met, and the pictures included in this post convey every ounce of that joy.


Most Moving Story
Barb Tess: Husband’s Final Words: ‘Good-bye, Gorgeous! See You Later!’

Some of the most emotional posts on the “Faith, Hope & Love” blog come from our resilient widows. In Barb’s inaugural post, she writes about the love story she shares with her late husband, Steven. Pure, joyful love was replaced by immense sadness in July 2006, but Barb chooses to share her journey on CatholicMatch: “There will be love, laughter, heart-wrenching sadness and finally, my surrender to God’s will in a quest for hope and healing,” she wrote. Her experience is inspirational to all readers.


Best Screenwriting
Mary Beth Bonacci: Turning to Jesus, Not Jared: Inspiration For Valentine’s Day

Mary Beth consistently provides insightful advice and reflections, but this Valentine’s Day-themed post went above and beyond. She urges singles to seek Christ on this Hallmark holiday, instead of putting stock in an earthly relationship. My favorite line: “And so, instead of going to Jared, I went to Jesus.”


My nominations are in, but what posts do you believe deserve a Oscar-worthy recognition?


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