Gary & Barb Found Second Chances At Love With Each Other


Gary and Barb came to CatholicMatch from similar backgrounds and having gone through similar struggles. Each had been in strong first marriages that lasted 30-plus years before their spouse passed on, and neither felt like they would ever meet anyone else they would mesh with quite as well.

Both still came to CatholicMatch with hope, albeit a little trepidation. “I was nervous, but thought why not give it a try,” Barb recalled. Gary, age 61, had one face-to-face date through CatholicMatch and contact with others, but neither seemed to be a good match. In truth, he was at peace with the notion that perhaps God had given him his one chance at love and it was time to focus exclusively on his grandchildren.

 Barb had doubts about finding single men in her age range, at 58, who shared her Catholic values. She’d started a singles group through her parish church in Michigan and enjoyed the activities, while making a lot of new friends. One of those friends had met a man through CatholicMatch and suggested Barb give it a shot.

Gary & Barb shared more than the same faith--they shared the same interests too.

New Year’s Day 2011 was the first time Gary and Barbet met face-to-face. Over a glass of wine they found they had more in common than their previous marriages. “Both from large Catholic middle class families,” Barb said. “And we both enjoyed nature, camping, hiking, boating, swimming.. Neither of us were materialistic and both more interested in someone that put their faith and family above all else.”

Having wed back in August, Barb & Gary are ready to start down life's highway together.

Barb gladly accepted Gary’s invitation to see a movie together, and with both of them semi-retired they were able to invest a lot of time into their new relationship, and part of that was meeting each other’s families. “Gary brought his grandkids to my mother’s 88th birthday party to meet my family,” Barb recalled. He hit it off with her family, and she met his, helping to overcome struggles his sons were having in adjusting to their father remarrying.

On Valentine’s Day 2011, Barb was home sick with the flu. Gary came by. To Barb’s immense surprise, her room began to light up with flashing red lights, with Gary holding flowers, candy and gifts, one of which was an engagement ring.

Flu or no flu, Barb was able to say yes.

They were married this past August, and moved into a small ranch home on a lake in Michigan. “Neither of us expected to be blessed a second time with someone that would feel so right,” Barb told CatholicMatch. “I hope it will be an encouragement to other widows that love can happen more than once in a lifetime.”




  1. Anne-702606 May 13, 2012 Reply

    “Flu or with no Flu Barb was able to say YES”; Gary was ready to take Barb for good or bad times he still loves Barb. God bless you and wishing you all the happiness in your marriage. Age is not a factor now i believe i am 51 years still looking and praying to God for my man but what i have noted in Catholic Match is that i have not found any black marriage or a black marrying a white so far.

  2. Vhie-763540 February 16, 2012 Reply

    Wow! Not just for widows, but for all of us sailing alone…Congratulations and God bless to all of us in our journey to find the love we all desire.

  3. Louise-708612 February 11, 2012 Reply

    God bless you both! Wishing you many happy years ahead! 🙂

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