Pssst! Listen In On The Conversation


This month’s online dating tip comes to us from Craig, a 40-something from Clifton, Va., who joined CatholicMatch in late 2008. He offered it up in a forum discussion about the lack of responses that can discourage an online dater.

Craig encouraged CatholicMatch members to read a user’s past posts in the forums. To do this, one must click into a forum and look for the number listed below a member’s profile picture (see red circle below). It can provide great insight into whether you’d be compatible, Craig wrote: 

“That way you can see what someone is ‘saying’ in the forums and whether he sounds like your type. This will not show you his profile, just how he talks and writes outside his profile. It’s kind of like hearing someone standing in line next to you at the grocery story. You then can choose your words or walk away.”

Elle, a 40-something Texan, promptly endorsed Craig’s suggestion, writing:

Excellent point, Craig. Now that I participate in the forums…I receive a lot more communication from guys stopping by to read my profile. I tend to find the guys who do post to be more interesting to get to know better too. Matter of fact, I consider every post I make as an extension of my profile.

So if you’re looking to get behind the who-what-where of a profile, consider this advice, a chance to listen in on what your first date might sound like from the comfort of the couch.



  1. Lynea-297530 December 29, 2013 Reply

    I have met bonified phonies in the forums; people who profess to be one thing and completely another in real life. I found that people are their for different reasons; some come specifically to a CATHOLIC forum to learn and share about the CATHOLIC faith, but others (some Catholics) are easily and deeply offended by the Church’s teachings, even if it isn’t directed at them and their choices. I think it’s easier to ask a person directly what they believe than what they may or may not say in a public, online forum. If you want meet someone who is of like mind and heart, it’s best to learn about them personally by asking them questions, learning about who their friends are, etc.

  2. Ramona-652361 February 12, 2012 Reply

    I like this story, am I hitting it up on facebook? No, but I really do like this story. I share this view. See how one responds out side of the profile. It’s the same as seeing how one treats others, family, coworkers, people on the street, restaurant staff etc.

  3. Chris-825041 February 10, 2012 Reply

    I like this! Makes alot of sence to me. I may start giving this a try . Thanks

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