Success With The Saints: Part 5 Of Creating A Life Program


So often we ask others to pray for us and rely on their petitions to God on our behalf. This is the great thing about being a part of a faith community. But did you know that as you work and struggle to move past your divorce and on to a happier life, all of heaven is waiting for you to ask them for help as well?
The communion of saints — the blessed who have gone before us to heaven — can pray for you, all you need to do is ask them for their help. When you become overwhelmed, pray and seek help from the saints; they are one of the greatest spiritual resources you have.
By know I’m assuming you’ve read steps one, two, three and four in creating your life program. So here is the fifth step: Choose a saint to pray to and enlist his or her help from above. It’s easy to forget that they have already suffered through this life and have gone through many if not all of the same struggles you are dealing with. Now they are happy in heaven and their desire to help us get through our suffering and be closer to God.
There are thousands of saints to choose from, too. Some of my favorites are: St. Jane de Chantal, who for years was a single mother and had to learn how to manage the estate while raising her children; St. Padre Pio, who had a great zeal for souls and prayed diligently for souls and won great graces from God for them; St. Maxmillian Kolbe, who gave his life in a Nazi concentration camp for a family man who was being sent to the showers; St. Brother Andre Bissett, a tiny Canadian man who was deemed too weak to be allowed into the seminary and become a priest, yet through his humble service as a doorman at the seminary, he was able to have built one of the greatest churches in the world, St. Joseph’s Oratory in Montreal.
Many mothers can relate to the Blessed Mother, Mary. She is the most powerful intercessor you have. Many fathers can relate to St. Joseph. His prayers are particularly powerful for fathers and families as he was the head of the Holy Family. I encourage you to go online and search for prayers to these and other saints. There are many great prayers, litanies, and memorares to pray. Here are a few great places to find out more about saints: and Catholic.Org.
Next up, the finishing touches to your life program!


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  1. Kathleen-311531 February 5, 2012 Reply

    One of my favoritre Saints is St Padre Pio. So of course, my interest was piqued hen I saw his picture in the article. I wholeheartedly agree about asking for intercession from the Saints. I had a book as a child called “The Saints-Our Friends” and I have thought of them very often in that manner. I keep my favorite holy cards here in front of my laptop to remind me of their presence and their desire to help.

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