An Email From Mom Opened My Eyes


We’re nearing the end of the Lenten season, and while we’re about to flip the calendar from March to April, I’m left wondering, “So where did January go?”

I’m in the midst of a hurried season with more rushing than relaxing, more scrambling than savoring. I’ve racked up thousands of frequent flyer miles, while running between family events, friend get-togethers and work functions.

Even my Lenten season began in a hurry, as I drove faster than I should have from the airport to evening Ash Wednesday Mass after a three-day business trip. How is it that I even struggle to fit an hour for God into my weekly schedule?

I’m a social person, and I consider my full calendar proof of the rich and lasting relationships I work diligently to maintain. But in the midst of this busy season of my life, the lunch and coffee dates have been slammed between appointments, errands and other commitments. Running from one thing to another has taken a toll on my emotional well-being, and leave it to my loving, intuitive mother to take it on herself to craft a delicate e-mail laced with words of wisdom directly pertaining to my quickly snowballing schedule:

“Our world doesn’t teach peace,” she began. “It constantly gives examples of fast, which is good in some ways and not so good in others. It makes its more important that people model peace.

You have a very bright light shining through your spirit. That is also divine. Nurture it and respect it, realizing there will be times others might not understand your choice to do that but ONE does. The Lord is the author of calm and peace, not chaos and stress. Great and powerful work is dictated by peace, but only when we choose to remain in peace.

So as you move forward in this GREAT life of yours, as you make choices and decisions of what to do each day, slide it against the peace scale. Ask the Lord every day to line up your relationships and your schedule in His perfect will.”

God may as well been typing out those words himself, I thought to myself, as I let her words sink in. Everything but peace has been on my mind this Lenten season, so it’s no wonder that I feel as if my schedule is spiraling out of control. I’ve been measuring each commitment using the world’s scale, from what I should be focusing on to who I should be spending time with to how I should prioritize each aspect of a busy life.

I share my Mom’s words with you in hopes that you can join me in the final weeks of Lent on a journey to find peace. The worries of this world threaten to overtake the peace that resides within all of us, and it is up to us to make choices and decisions with peace always in mind.

I think it’s time we use our peace scale more often.


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