Keith Decided Julie Was Worth The Risk


Falling love can be a wonderful joyride, but also a scary one and the fear that comes with budding romance nearly derailed the relationship between Keith and Julie before everything came together  in the end.

Keith is 31-years-old and from northern New Jersey, while Julie is three years younger living in eastern Pennsylvania. Their online connection brought out a compatibility with depth—“We talked about our interests, our experiences almost every day,” he said. “Before we knew it we were calling each other and talking on the phone for long periods of time.”

It was to Keith’s pleasant surprise that Julie wanted to come and meet him, and it was a fun first date. But underneath the surface for him was the feeling that this was all too good to be true. Past experience “taught” Keith that eventually, promising relationships didn’t work out.

But Keith still made a return visit to her home the following week, and though the second date was even better than the first, the fears began to get the best of him. Was Julie really in love with him or did she just want to be in love with anyone? That was the thought going through Keith’s mind, so in spite of strong feelings on his part, he was reserved in sharing them.

Finally, Julie decided to call him on it. His reserve in telling her how he felt led her to believe that perhaps he didn’t really care about her—was he going along with the dates out of a misguided courtesy, one that wouldn’t hurt her feelings? That was what went through her mind.

“She was so upset nearly broke up with me,” Keith candidly told CatholicMatch. “I pleaded with her to give me another chance.” Julie wanted to see him in person before deciding for certain.

Keith told Julie face-to-face how much he cared for her, and that he had just been afraid to show it. She took his hands and said she didn’t want to break up. Keith brought out some flowers he’d brought for her.

Today, Keith and Julie are enjoying their new relationship and their confessed love for each other. “Now we know that the risks are worth taking and we are truly in love,” he said.



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    Great story! Please pray for the rest of us on CM. Thank you, Esther

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