Love Blossoms Anytime & Anywhere



It’s never too late to find love. That’s the lesson of 74-year-old Robert and 73-year-old Laverne. Distance separated them, with him in Michigan while she was in Minnesota. But they started simple and made contact with emotigrams.

Further correspondence revealed just how much they had in common. The prospect of a shared life trumped any concern over distance. So they picked a spot roughly in between the 12-hour driver that separated them, and spent time together at a Polka Fest.

Two weeks later Laverne was on a plane to Michigan to spend a weekend and get a feel for how things would work it. They have since traveled south for the winter months and are now working on a plan for the future.

Both Robert & Laverne have enjoyed good marriages leading up to the passing of their spouses, and now are moving forward for a new opportunity and love and happiness.


It’s not just the Midwest, but Colorado too where the flush of romance is blossoming. 58-year-old Tom and 57-year-old Florence made a connection on CatholicMatch, and have started a relationship. Time will tell where it ultimately leads, but they are enjoying each other’s company and excited for what possibilities may lie ahead.

Whether it’s Robert & Laverne, Tom & Florence, or countless others, the world of online dating belongs to more than just “The Internet Generation.” It belongs to anyone willing to try something new, put themselves out there and take the chances that life offers for happiness.


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