Must Tell Jokes: Why Does Humor Matter In A Mate?


It’s become a cliché to state in your online dating profile that you’re looking for someone with a sense of humor (right up there with long walks on the beach.) So tell us, why does humor matter in your quest for a Catholic match? And what does it mean to you?



“I’m guessing a person who lacks a sense of humor may be a bit of a perfectionist and a little hard to live with. It’s important to laugh at yourself (your silly mistakes) and life in general sometimes.”



“Word humor and jokes mean a lot to me. To me it shows a mind engaging in manipulating ideas, confidence, very aware of people and events outside just oneself. In a face-to-face, it particularly indicates an encompassing outlook, a certain dropping of barriers, a self declaration that would take a lot of ‘normal’ communication to present. It is especially attractive if there is some self-deprecating focus too. It is important as a tool to decompress, shift to a positive attitude, and there are relaxing physiological responses. Particularly if spouses can’t be together, long-distance humor can be like a soft touch. It is, to me, another bonding tool, a relationship builder and ‘soul vitamin.’”



“When a man has a sense of humor he has a sense of self worth. He knows who he is and is comfortable with it. There is nothing that the two of you can’t handle. When a person is humorous they do have a serious side, because they took the time to see another perspective of hope, done with humor.”



“I don’t mesh with everyone, but I know if a relationship or friendship will work if I can laugh with the person and we just enjoy being together.”



“It helps put others at ease when we let our guards down like that, show our flaws, especially the minor ones.”



“Humor is a sign that we aren’t taking ourselves too seriously and realize there are personality traits and habits that aren’t common to everyone. We can laugh at ourselves for these passing moments when our shining light is a bit dim(witted). Finding a sense of humor in others is reassuring. After all, we want people to laugh with us, not at us. It’s a sign that our weak spots aren’t necessarily viewed by another as a cause for severing a relationship. All of us goof up occasionally; we all hope to survive and not suffer from terminal embarrassment. Humor is based upon incongruity – and there’s plenty of that in today’s world.”



“I find sense of humor to be a fluid concept. I have found that sometimes people describe themselves to have a great sense of humor, but I find them to be incredibly humor-less. So I don’t know where they are hiding it. I don’t advertise to be looking for someone with a sense of humor because there are people that can keep me laughing without trying. I just ‘know’ it when I hear it and would prefer to find out for myself in the course of communication.”



“I like someone to have the kind of clean sense of humor that is a way to bond with others because this usually means the person is good-natured and they are more likely to take life’s ups and downs in a more even-tempered, empathetic way.”



“My first report card ever – in kindergarten – read, ‘Craig does well in his studies, but he would rather tell jokes than pay attention in class.’ So I come at this from being an old ham – I mean, old hand. Women enjoy the physicality of laughing more than men do. Women love it when I bring tears of laughter to them and they cannot catch their breath. It is endorphins, but it is also a redirecting and release of emotions looking for a trigger that is healthier than booze, drugs, and food.”




  1. Tino-921762 January 29, 2013 Reply

    enjoy life yes be happy laughter every day keeps doctor away.

  2. Margarita-688448 April 28, 2012 Reply

    My mantra has always been: Laughter a day, keeps Prozac away!
    I read somewhere that in Japan, instead of coffee breaks, they take LAUGHTER breaks!
    Laughter is good for the soul.

  3. Kathleen-712130 March 27, 2012 Reply

    I don’t recall where the quote came from but, “Laugh and the world laughs with you. Cry and you cry alone”. I don’t think we’re meant to be solitary creatures. Humor is wonderful.

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