Across The Globe, Single Catholics Celebrate Easter


Happy Easter! CatholicMatch members across the globe are celebrating today, and based on the chatter in the forums, you’ve got lots of fun plans following Mass. Here’s a quick overview:

Nessa is headed to the small Ontario town of Stratford to visit her aunt today. Laurie in Kansas is leading a Easter egg scavenger hunt. Allen in North Carolina is celebrating with all his dearest ladies: his mother, his sister and his daughter.

Patrick and his siblings are meeting at his parents’ place for brunch, which includes bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapenos. Yowza! David is catering to the two vegetarians he’ll be seeing today, his ex-wife and his girlfriend, with a Tuscan soup with butternut squash and spinach. (Here’s the recipe.)

Lulu is taking her mom to breakfast in Houston. And in California, Matthew is preparing to feast on his mom’s “to die for” ham. Carol Ann in New Jersey, meanwhile, will be dishing out her homemade peach pie — plus decadent chocolate cake made upon the request of her youngest niece. What a sweet aunt!

A group of CatholicMatch members are nearing the end of the 54-day novena they began on Ash Wednesday.

“I love Easter,” Mike wrote in the CatholicMatch forum for single parents.

“I love the peace, joy and renewal I feel at Easter,” Lucy said.

“I love any celebration that involves chocolate!” Laura added.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, enjoy! And thanks for doing your part to make CatholicMatch such a vibrant community, bustling with activity, bursting with joyful faith. May God renew you this Easter season!


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