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Recently, blogger Simcha Fisher asked Catholic singles: “What Do Single People Need From the Church?” It certainly struck a chord, because she had more than 230 responses in the comment box. Some people argued that the Church always forgets about the single people: They have vocation retreats for youth; they have ministries to strengthen families. But what about the singles who don’t feel called to the religious life and haven’t met their spouses yet? Where is the place for them?

“Most Church leaders don’t realize that four in 10 adults in the U.S. are single,” said Christina Ries, editorial director of, the Catholic online dating site.

So, how can the Church serve the single members of the body of Christ? Catholic Match has responded to the challenge.




  1. Jeannie-822585 October 9, 2012 Reply

    Mary, good point. I know I’m the shy type until I get to know someone. I’d love it if my church did these types of events, too, that you mentioned. I’m going to e-mail my priest. I have brought this up before on an anonymous survey the parishioners were to fill out; unfortunately, I didn’t see anything change. Plus, it could be just the elderly that go to these things unless it is “advertised” as something singles might be interested in attending.

  2. Mary-668515 September 19, 2012 Reply

    As a widow of more than 5 years I find it amazing that my church has no mention of
    how people can meet through church activities – be it my own – others in the area etc.
    I have never not been a church member and yet there is nothing to help anyone
    become a married Catholic. Even the groups we have do not foster that. Rosarieans
    are women – Knight are men – Catachetical are children….where are the days of yore
    when there were dances – parties etc at church and you met others like yourself. Where are they going after age 50? I’d love to know! MM

  3. Stephen-725391 April 3, 2012 Reply

    For those of us here, what ever response the Church DOESN’T do, it will be to late!

    These are my suggestions for those older singles: Divorced (annulled or not); Never Marrieds: and, widow/widowers – Get ATTRACTIVE (heresy, how dare you suggest…) That’s right, healthy looking people (the biggest problem in this society is OVER Weight – lose it whether it’s 20 lbs or 200 lbs LOSE IT). Refuse to eat the garbage the Multi-national faux food poison distributors put out to MAKE YOU FAT, they are in bed with the drug companies – over weight people beside not being what God wants you to be – ATTRACTIVE – are sickly people that require lotsa pills to keep ’em alive. Now, when you got others interested in you because you have done the hard work, God’s desire that you be attractive, the other issues like the 7/7 questions can be addressed. Singleness will start being addressed.

    I don’t suggest anything that I won’t do or haven’t done!

    Remember this is In My Humble Opinion! So don’t shoot the messenger!

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