Native American Beauty Says She Has ‘Grit’


Billie is a Cherokee citizen from Oklahoma who joined

Embracing the richness of Catholicism has been an ongoing adventure for Billie, a 41-year-old tribally enrolled Cherokee citizen who also claims Irish ancestry.

The hazel-eyed beauty from Oklahoma is passionate about her job as a Native American business development consultant. “I love serving people,” she said, “and this position allows me to make different recommendations that will hopefully create a win-win scenario between the entities I represent.”

Billie’s faith and her self-employment are core parts of her identity, she said. “I think it comes down to how I want to see myself as a Catholic woman. True Catholic women display a special grit, an inner strength that seems to support them through all the trials in their life. Catholic women demonstrate a beautiful blend of common sense, sacrifice, wisdom, and strength. Those are the same qualities I want to have – whether in my personal life or my professional.”

Those trials have included going through divorce and being a single mom to three. “After my divorce I was scared, but felt urged to attend Mass. I sat in the back and was taken in with the sights, sounds and smells and literally felt that I was being healed from the inside out. I left that morning feeling at peace, and as if I had come home.”

Billie is now awaiting an annulment, having submitted all the necessary paperwork. In her free time, she likes to dance, eat Mexican food and watch old John Wayne films. She joined CatholicMatch last November – a few days after Thanksgiving.



  1. Paul-663898 April 16, 2012 Reply

    Non-native-irish-slovak-hungarian-polish-american wishing you a speedy annulment!

  2. Lorraine-361741 April 15, 2012 Reply

    If anyone knows of Native American men in FL, please refer them to me! I have always loved the Native American culture!

    Good Luck hun!!!

  3. Jim-397948 April 14, 2012 Reply

    Praying for your Anullment…may God keep you strong!!

  4. Ramona-738757 April 13, 2012 Reply

    Lovely to see an article in regards to a positive Native American. And, I can attest that Native American Women have true moxie! Mmmm… could I be biased. LOL
    A belated welcome and best wishes to you on CM, Billie.

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