Religion & Romance: Thousands To Join Catholic Church


Thousands of spiritual seekers will join the Catholic Church tonight at Easter Vigil Masses across the country. The U.S. Conference for Catholic Bishops has shared some of their stories, from the first inklings to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) process. I was struck by how many tales addressed the role of romance in the spiritual search, a noteworthy takeaway for the CatholicMatch community.

Take Randall Wilson, a Houston meteorologist raised Baptist who first experienced Mass while on a date and then found himself “called back for more,” according to Catherine Panzica, the USCCB‘s spokeswoman. He read books on Catholicism and felt drawn to the faith’s beautiful traditions.

“The richness and fullness of the Catholic Church isn’t found anywhere else,” Randall said. “Looking back, I see how much was missing. I’m not even 100 percent Catholic yet, but I can’t imagine my life without the holy sacraments, without praying the holy rosary, without confessions and without the holy Eucharist.”

There’s no mention of what came of that date, so I assume they’re no longer together, but it’s a good reminder to CatholicMatch members of the important, even life-changing purpose a date can serve spirituality, if not romantically.

Then there’s Tony Luu, a New Yorker who was raised atheist and didn’t come to realize the power of religion until he met his fiancée and her family, who embraced the richness of the Church.

“Catholicism has changed my life in providing a different view and perspective on my everyday living,” Tony said. “I feel that the religion has calmed me down…and that is a lot for someone who is from New York.”

What an amazing gift his fiancée was able to give him! Imagine all the deep conversations they had during Tony’s RCIA process. What a great way to bond and prepare for the sacrament of marriage!

CatholicMatchers, tell me: What are your thoughts on the relationship between religion and romance? Have you ever hoped or tried to convert a significant other? What do you make of these conversion stories? Do you know anyone who is becoming Cathoic this Easter? Have you walked with any RCIA candidates this year? What was your experience like?

And for the 10 percent of our CatholicMatchers who are converts, according to our internal data, leave a comment and tell us about your conversion. As a cradle Catholic, I find those stories invigorating! And that’s what the Easter season is all about!




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Speaking of the USCCB, we’re thrilled to announce that Theresa Notare, Secretariat of the USCCB’s Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth Office, has partnered with as a regular blog contributor. Theresa is a single Catholic and an incredibly wise woman. Her superb debut post will be published this Monday, April 9. Be sure to check back!


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