Build A Happy Marriage: Skip The “Happy” Divorce


There’s a new TV show in town… TV Land’s, Happily Divorced. Yes, the media never rests in its attack on the family or in its attempts to dumb down moral values.
But the media doesn’t stop at trying to brainwash you with just television, of course.
When I stand in the checkout line at the grocery store telling my children to look down at their feet so as not to be eye-to-eye with a breast-baring model on a magazine cover, I can easily find out in one glance which Hollywood stars are also “happily divorced” and hooking up with their next victim.
Even just recently, I was beyond sad to see the Huffington Post’s motto on their section for divorce: “Marriages Come and Go, But Divorce is Forever.” The message seems to be “You can’t trust the institution of marriage so your only hope is to know how to have a happy divorce.” It boasts practical advice for people who are considering divorce, already divorced, or just interested in divorce voyeurism. Here are a few of their headlines: 
“How to Have a Kid-Friendly Divorce”
“How To Attract The Right Mate After Divorce”
“10 Ways to Save Money on Your Split”
“Can Weddings Cause Divorce?”
“Co-Habitation-Divorce Link? I Don’t Think So”
“Would You Stay In A Broken Marriage?”
Society Is Built On Intact Families


Families are the building blocks of society. How is it, then, that the intact, heterosexual family in general and spouses who love selflessly and monogamously in particular (who are always portrayed as unrealistic) have become the carcass on the fence with the media vultures circling?


I don’t comment on this from the perspective of someone who’s never been divorced and simply thinks all divorced people are failures. I’ve been divorced. I know quite well the pain and suffering it brings. And, I acknowledge that not all divorces occur for the same reasons.


There are men and women whose spouses walked out on their families for selfish reasons and there are spouses who opted to divorce because their well-being was being threatened by abusive behavior or addictions. But divorce, regardless of the circumstances, is still a heavy blow to the health of our society and the laissez fair attitude in our media that accompanies it – even joyous at times – is sickening and downright frightful.
All divorces and the circumstances that caused them are damaging to the family and society as a whole. This is precisely why I care so deeply about the state of marriage in our world and why I want to remind people of the truth: Any divorce is a scandal. Yes, even my own divorce that I did not want.
This, my friends, is why I’m here at CatholicMatch. I write articles and dispense advice because I would do anything to help prevent another divorce! I don’t want it to happen to you! I don’t want to see your children suffer untold pain that will absolutely affect who they are for their entire lives. I don’t want to see your life ripped apart. I don’t want to see the intimate details of your marriage on parade in front of a judge nor do I relish the thought of your financial well-being destroyed at the hands of some lawyer out there who doesn’t really care how it all ends or how long it takes, as long as they get paid.
(Deep breath…)
I’m really here because I want to help you take advantage of the tools that CatholicMatch provides so you can have a strong and healthy marriage. What CatholicMatch has to offer can fortify your relationship (or future relationship) and make it as strong as possible so that when you do marry and the challenges of life arise, you will have what you need to stay together, knowing divorce will never be an option. The profiles, temperament test, safety in getting acquainted, discussion forums, etc. all give you a huge advantage in meeting like-minded Catholics and finding the right one for you.
There is no perfect marriage, but that doesn’t mean imperfect marriages have to end in divorce.
Marriage can be the most beautiful and fulfilling experience of your life. The rough patches, although they may seem almost impossible to get through, they actually become a springboard to a richer, deeper relationship with your spouse… you achieve a higher level of knowing each other. Your marriage becomes multi-faceted, just like the diamond in a wedding band.
I hope you will take advantage of all that CatholicMatch has to offer and find your true mate.



  1. Sohel R. May 28, 2013 Reply

    Every year, hundreds of thousands of Americans make the difficult decision to divorce their spouse. For many people, marriage and Multiple Divorces is a repeated pattern in their lives, and they may be preparing for their second, third, or even fourth divorce.

  2. Alexandra-835276 June 6, 2012 Reply

    Thank you, for having such fine people as this contribute to your website, making it the wonderful place it is!

  3. Stacey-101742 June 2, 2012 Reply

    Thank you for saying it , I enjoyed reading your article and agree !
    God bless you for your efforts .

  4. Anna-671172 May 26, 2012 Reply

    I too hope to find my true match one day. Thanks Lisa. God bless you.

  5. Elizabeth-753085 May 25, 2012 Reply

    I knowthe difference between happily divorced to start over and divorce as a tragic necessity. The two things coexist.

    Well said article. An imperfect marrage is normal but if you do have that deep multi layered foundation like the diamond then you have the real thing.

  6. Sandra-471894 May 24, 2012 Reply

    Some people who are divorced and or annulled want to get married again, but find being single is more inline with their spirituality. Or, is that an excuse not to take the risk and loose out on living the sacrament of marriage.
    And how do we know if God wants us to live a single life dedicated to him only, or through marriage?

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