Divine Intimacy


When a marriage ends, so does the intimacy between spouses. Not merely sexual intimacy, but that deep connection that spouses have with each other… being one heart, one mind, one soul as well as one body. This loss of intimacy on so many levels can shake you to the core, leaving you with nothing but emptiness.
But, you are not alone in suffering your loss. God is not only close to you during this time, He is present within you – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Each time you receive Holy Communion, you are united with God, the Blessed Trinity, in the deepest and most personal way, and God resides in you.
This is Divine intimacy and no other type of intimacy can be more precious, more loving, more valuable. What a tremendous gift! I encourage you to receive Holy Communion as often as possible, especially as we approach the Feast of Corpus Christi next month.
I am the bread of life. He who comes to me will never go hungry, and he who believes in me will never be thirsty. – John 6: 35.


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  1. Evelyn-904599 February 19, 2013 Reply

    We all hunger for intimacy. Why is it there mind looks for stimulation? Why does the heart yearn? Why does the soul feel so much longing? If we are brave and patient enough, intimacy has many layers. How do we respond to all of them?

    For a long time now, I have been drawn to discover the call that comes from within. Single blessedness gave me the freedom and the quiet to spend time with God. Try walking with the thought that you are holding hand with God. I particularly enjoy telling Him my rambling thoughts while doing ordinary, everyday chores. I love the way I cling to his arms when I am stressed because only then can I have a good night’s sleep. And the best part is jumping and dancing with Him whenever something unbelievably good happened.

    I have never been the same since then. This is my joy of Divine Intimacy. And I can’t wait to experience more.

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