One Year At A Time Brought Joy To Jason & Brigid



Jason & Brigid were each living in the Maryland suburbs of Washington D.C., hoping to find the Catholic spouse they were looking for. In late December of 2008 they were able to make the online connection and three weeks later they went on the first date.

Things continued to move in a sequence of one year at a time. By November 2009 they were engaged. Then in June 2010 they were married. The biggest news yet came in April 2011 when their first child arrived. Now its one year later…and another big moment is at hand, as child #2 is on the way.

From engagement to marriage to children, each year brought a new blessing for Jason & Brigid.

The couple is living out the dream of Catholic couples because they chose to take advantage of the opportunities offered and reached out to each other and then put the work into to transform a relationship into a marriage, and that marriage into a growing family.


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    this is really amazing website!i hope i can find my match God’s will!but i cannot move on the next level due to my member status..that is why i post my comment here.God bless us all!

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