This Mother’s Day, Give The Gift Of Mass


Mother’s Day is this Sunday, offering us the opportunity to honor the women who gave us life and continue to guide us, either here on earth or from heaven. Each year, my parents and I begin Mother’s Day with Mass before letting my Mom put her feet up for the day. Sometimes my Dad and I plan a simple afternoon at home, with both of us attempting to mimic my Mom’s irreplaceable culinary skills in the kitchen, while other years we plan a surprise day with a scenic bike trip or a drive to a small-town café. No matter how the day unfolds, we always begin with Mass, offering our thanks for a mother’s selfless love.

Last year on Mother’s Day, as my parents and I walked out of church ready to begin our day, a former teacher of mine crossed our path. After a quick hug, she looked at me purposefully.

“What a wonderful gift you are giving your mother,” she said, “by starting her day at Mass with you.”

This year as I begin to plan a special day for my Mom, I think back to that simple statement. While it’s important to ensure that her Sunday is filled with relaxation and extra care, it’s also important that I take a step back from my 20-something life and slide into the pew next to my Mom and Dad, just as I did years ago.

Although I am not a mother, I recognize the inherent spiritually of motherhood. It was a miracle that our Savior was born to an earthly woman, and it’s also a miracle that each of us was knit together by God in our mothers’ wombs. In the Mass, we celebrate the miracle of Christ’s death and resurrection, which was only possible by a mother.

Whether your mother lives a few houses down or a lifetime away in heaven, I hope you can honor her this Sunday and always. And if you’re one of the many moms on CatholicMatch, I hope your children always revere you like the strong and beautiful woman you are – you deserve it!

CatholicMatchers, how will you be honoring your mom this year on Mother’s Day? If you’re a mother yourself, what does your dream Mother’s Day look like?


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  1. Brendan-824174 May 16, 2012 Reply

    I like this posting very much, and even though my Mom passed away four years ago that is how I celebrate Mother’s Day by going to Mass. The best part of the Mass that day is when the Priest prays for moms that are with us and those that have gone home to God.

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