A Tweeting Cardinal: Twitter Debut For Cardinal Dolan


Everyone loves to criticize the Church for scandals, too much wealth and not enough service for the poor, etc. Frankly, I am proud of my Church (and not for the first time in my adult life) and applaud the way Catholics take the communication bull by the horns to continue spreading the Gospel message.
In this particular case, Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York  has made his Twitter debut (@CardinalDolan) on May 8 in an effort to connect with its millions of users. Just two days after he announced on Facebook that he would use Twitter, his account boasts more than 5,000 followers.
With his typical humorous style, his first tweet read: 
Hey everybody. It’s Timothy Cardinal Tebow. I mean Dolan. I’m on Twitter. And I’m live on Town Hall on SiriusXM’s The Catholic Channel 129.
Looks like his followers, of whom I hope you become one, are in for some real “tweats.” But there’s certainly more substance than humor in the messages that are sent. 

In just his fourth ever tweet, the Cardinal sent this inspirational message:

Every person or institution will eventually let us down. Our ultimate trust must be in God and we will never be disappointed.
What a great statement to reflect upon right out of the gate, especially for those Catholics who have experienced a divorce and are working to rebuild and re-establish yourselves. Trusting after a divorce becomes a heavy challenge and the common trend is to become cynical. But trusting in God is the key to finding your way after a divorce, and through the ups-and-downs of future relationships.
I think what I love the most about this news is simply that with all the negative reports the media puts out, we’ve got some real power-house Catholics who are working to promote the positive aspects of Catholicism.
“Instead of the Church being seen as pointing out what’s bad all the time, we should point out what’s good,” Dolan said in an interview with the New York Daily News.
What a great thing to know that the criticisms of the Catholic Church doesn’t stop the force for evangelization. Even Pope Benedict became a tweeter in June of 2011 (@Pope2YouVatican). He sent wonderful daily inspirational messages out during Lent this year.
“We know that the Church has lost some of its pizzazz,” he told the Daily News during his whirlwind week in Rome before Saturday’s ceremony to make him a cardinal. “We have to refresh and rekindle that faith.”

Especially with his recent letter to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops regarding the Health and Human Services fiasco, I think we can all expect even more great things from Cardinal Dolan via Twitter.



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