Following Mom’s Advice Brought Debbie To John


Debbie wasn’t fixated on finding her spouse. The 24-year-old from the Philadelphia area had a full and busy life. After graduating from college she’d volunteered to work for a year in the inner city in the AmeriCorps program.

“I had been urged to join the site for a while, but resisted,” Debbie told CatholicMatch. “My mom even offered to pay so I gave in.” Debbie came looking for friendship and was open to more if it developed.

It didn’t take long for things to develop. Debbie spent some time going through profiles and sending out some emotigrams to see what might stir up.

One of those she contacted was John, a 29-year-old arborist who also lived in the Philly area. He responded back.

“He sent a very nice message,” Debbie recalled. It led to several weeks of messages back and forth when John stepped it up to ask for her phone number and the opportunity to meet for dinner. “He was a perfect gentleman and I knew he was something special from the night I met him,” Debbie said. Five weeks later they decided to make their relationship exclusive.

It was a cigar box purse that John used to deliver the engagement ring

A year and a half later John took Debbie out to a local arbortium. It was a chance to enjoy the spring weather and each other’s company. For John it was also the chance to give her a small Easter present meant to be a thank you for the basket she had given him. As Debbie would find out, it was the chance for much more.

John took Debbie over to a tree and had her sit on the bench and open the bag. She first pulled out a craft project they were working on together, a purse made out of an old cigar box. The couple shares creativity as a common bond. She is a singer, plays the piano and a cantor at her parish on Sundays. For his part, John likes fixing things and that includes his 85-year-old house that he keeps maintained.

When Debbie went to thank him, he stopped her. “Wait, you have to see the inside,” John said. With that he took the box, got down on one knee and showed her a beautiful diamond ring. Debbie was in shock, as he asked her to marry him.

Next summer John & Debbie will make this same kiss at the wedding altar

“I jumped up, hugged him and said ‘YES’!”, Debbie recalled fondly. “It was an unbelievable moment.”

Indeed, it was a moment Debbie had no expectation of having when she came to CatholicMatch. She and John will marry next summer, less than three years after her mom nudged her to a place she’d been resisting.



  1. Bertha-811213 February 7, 2013 Reply

    Wish you both a lifetime of happiness.

  2. Heather-843340 June 15, 2012 Reply

    You two look great together! Im still on the hunt:) Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Veronica-56352 June 14, 2012 Reply

    Very nice story! All the best in life to the happy couple! God bless you! Veronica

  4. Mercy-794463 June 11, 2012 Reply

    Beautiful story!…enjoyed a lot…May God bless you both abundantly!

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