Joyfully Live The Single Life God Has Given You


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“I’m still single, traveling around the world, sharing my testimony, trying to work hard in the media, so I can work on projects that entertain but on top of that touch people’s hearts and minds, and glorify God in everything I do. …I’m always open to see if maybe inside of God’s plans are for me to marry. …You try to find holiness and use what the Church gives us to achieve that goal — a life of prayer, a life of meditation, contemplation, loving, giving, serving. Only through that is how you can receive the strength and the grace to love the way God wants us to love him and others.”

So said 38-year-old Eduardo Verastegui, who stars in the just-released For Greater Glory, in the June/July 2012 issue of Catholic Digest.

His attitude is so right:  Live fully where you are right now as a single person. This moment was given to you by God for a reason to do what you can for him in the present. You will be able to do other things for him when you marry and have a family. So focus on the here and now now. For, as St. Therese says, “The value of our life does not depend on the place we occupy. It depends on the way we occupy that place.”

And as Padre Pio says, “You can’t give God deadlines.”

As a journalist, I am used to deadlines. But that doesn’t me I like them. Honestly, they stress me out. That’s why I am so grateful that God doesn’t like them either. That’s so comforting in the waiting-for-marriage world that we singles find ourselves a part of. God will send us a spouse at the right time and place.

We must always be “Called to Hope,” as Emily Stimpson recently reminded Catholic singles in a National Catholic Register column: “No matter how old we are, if we believe we’re called to the vocation of marriage, we can never stop hoping God will send the right someone along. Maybe we can stop expecting, but we can never stop hoping. …Despair is not our friend. Hope is our friend. Hope is what gets us through a string of bad dates or a stretch of none at all. Hope is what keeps us going after a breakup or when we feel like the last single person standing. Hope is what allows us to trust that God really does know what he’s doing.”

Yes, he does.

In the meantime, joyfully live the single life God has given you.



  1. Audreyrose-812629 June 16, 2012 Reply

    great article! =) God Bless!

  2. David-783346 June 14, 2012 Reply

    Very inspirational!

  3. Michael-134459 June 13, 2012 Reply

    An interesting book, although not Catholic, that goes along the same lines as the opening quote in this blog is “Lady in Waiting: Becoming God’s Best While Waiting for Mr. Right” by Jackie Kendall & Debby Jones (applies to us men too!)

  4. Barbara-743569 June 11, 2012 Reply

    Thanks for the great Blog! I do believe that God has a divine plan and divine timing for all of us. God is full of surprises. When I’m not in a relationship, I tend to shift gears and get very involved in my career and guess what happens. Yes….God puts a man in my life and I never know if it’s for a Reason, a Season or a Lifetime. But, I am always grateful for the lessons God gives to me. Being single and wanting a partner requires HOPE, PATIENCE AND PERSEVERANCE. .God Bless and Good Luck to all!

  5. Rese-837473 June 10, 2012 Reply

    Love this…….especially since there is nothing much happening in my now but I hope that will change positively soon…..

  6. Jasmin-188912 June 7, 2012 Reply

    Ow the bad thing we are to far away in bolivia
    I am shure
    they are very good mann near you dont louse hope .) I am single to waitthing for the writte one

  7. Jasmin-188912 June 7, 2012 Reply

    I have a friend whi is a very sweet loyal mann I am shure he ca be the one for you 🙂 writte me I will introduce him t you

  8. Mercy-794463 June 7, 2012 Reply

    I believe that God will make you a way, and He will send you a right person at the right time!
    I loved the post very much,
    God bless you!

  9. Iveth-708220 June 6, 2012 Reply

    AMEN!!! I hope don’t lose the HOPE ;D…. thanks for sharing!!!!

  10. Ingrid-787180 June 5, 2012 Reply

    Well written.

  11. Rosie-837146 June 3, 2012 Reply

    this makes so much sense but why is it that i can’t live and enjoy the now ?

    • Linda-862538 June 4, 2012 Reply

      Rosie , every now is a gift injoy it or miss the gift

    • Adel-818653 June 6, 2012 Reply

      Rosie, everyday look at things positive and not negative. Thank God for the things you see and do( big things and little things). Thank God of the past, present,and future. Enjoy what you have and not what you could have had or what you want. God will put everything in it’s place when the time comes. God Bless!

  12. Catherine-800227 June 2, 2012 Reply

    Couldn’t agree more 🙂

  13. Jim-397948 June 2, 2012 Reply

    The Prayer of St. Patrick

    I arise today
    Through the strength of heaven;
    Light of the sun,
    Splendor of fire,
    Speed of lightning,
    Swiftness of the wind,
    Depth of the sea,
    Stability of the earth,
    Firmness of the rock.

    I arise today
    Through God’s strength to pilot me;
    God’s might to uphold me,
    God’s wisdom to guide me,
    God’s eye to look before me,
    God’s ear to hear me,
    God’s word to speak for me,
    God’s hand to guard me,
    God’s way to lie before me,
    God’s shield to protect me,
    God’s hosts to save me
    Afar and a near,
    Alone or in a multitude.

    Christ shield me today
    Against wounding
    Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me,
    Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
    Christ on my right, Christ on my left,
    Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down,
    Christ in the heart of everyone who thinks of me,
    Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me,
    Christ in the eye that sees me,
    Christ in the ear that hears me.

    I arise today
    Through the mighty strength
    Of the Lord of creation.

  14. Pauline-860097 June 2, 2012 Reply

    Fulfilling ^_^

  15. Ronique-499294 June 2, 2012 Reply


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