Matt & Nikki Came Together In A Whirlwind


Nikki wasn’t sure of what to do. The 56-year-old living on the northeast border of Texas was interested in Matt, and decided to ask if he’d like to talk. The couple exchanged phone numbers. It set off a whirlwind that would change their lives forever.

“He called and asked if I’d like to meet at his sister’s house,” Nikki recalled. The thought was that it was a safe place where she’d feel secure.

She agreed, but then got lost looking for the house. Matt came to pick her up in the parking lot of a nearby Target.

It might not have been an ideal beginning for Nikki, but it certainly worked itself out quickly. “I was sitting there in my car and heard him coming across the parking lot,” she told CatholicMatch. “When he pulled up beside my car, I looked into his eyes and knew that I’d known him forever.”

Matt felt the same way. The 54-year-old from the Dallas area knew he’d found someone special and within two weeks they were engaged. The couple talked to the priest at Matt’s parish and on June 2nd they were married.


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  1. Jeannie-822585 August 29, 2014 Reply

    I’m happy for you and will say a prayer you have a happy marriage. Personally, I would be not so willing given the same circumstances as the beginning of a relationship can be very decieving filled with all kinds of emotions when God calls us to make sound judgments, especially about so important a decision as marriage. It takes time to get to know someone.

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