What Do You Need Today?


Some days, being a Christian is easy and some days… not so much. Some days, we feel full of gratitude for the gift of our faith and some days it’s easier to hide our Christianity from people who are pessimistic and mocking. But our faith in Christ is truly a gift and one that can help us rise above the noise of the world. Here is a brief meditation to help you today or any day you need some special encouragement:

When Jesus is present in us, all goes well and nothing seems difficult.

When Jesus is absent, everything is hard.

When Jesus does not speak to our hearts, every consolation is worthless,

but if Jesus speaks only one word, we feel a great joy!

How hard and arid are you without Jesus!

How foolish and vain you are to desire anything outside of Jesus!

What can the world give you without Jesus?

To be without Jesus is an unbearable hell.

And to be with Jesus is a sweet paradise!

If Jesus is with you, no one can harm you.

Who finds Jesus finds a precious treasure

in fact, he finds a good greater than all goods 

and he who loses Jesus loses a very great thing

and loses more than if he had lost the whole world. 

– St. Thomas Aquinas


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