St. Raphael’s Fingerprints On Darren & Denise’s Courtship


Darren had come into the Catholic Church six years ago and the 39-year-old from Williamsburg, Va. was hoping the Holy Spirit would lead him to the right spouse. He’d been working a prayer to St. Raphael for Choosing A Wise Marriage Partner and come to CatholicMatch to further that goal.

Perhaps St. Raphael wedged his way into Denise’s inner circle, because it was the persistent prompting of a friend that caused the 33-year-old from nearby Chesapeake to join CatholicMatch. “I never imagined the day after I joined I would meet my best friend,” she recalled. “But I did!”  

It was the early part of this past February that Darren & Denise exchanged emotigrams, and they spent a few days messaging and chatting online. They decided to get together on February 10 for a movie. And the positive fruit was instantaneous.

“It was love at first sight,” Darren told CatholicMatch. He added that while they didn’t call it that for a while, it began a stretch of over seventy dates in five months. Denise was no less certain of the immediate connection. “From that point on—maybe even earlier—I knew the Holy Spirit had led me to my soulmate,” she recalled.

Shared laughter is a big part of Darren & Denise’s friendship.

Darren & Denise have become best friends because of the value they place on each other’s interior virtues. For his part, Darren felt he could almost sense her character jump out of the photos posted as a part of her profile. Denise admires her boyfriend’s deep faith, saying “his love is always with God first and I love him for that.”

The couple has taken the strong spiritual foundation they share and nurtured it well, developing a shared prayer life that includes a daily rosary and readings from both the Legion of Mary and the Precious Drops of Blood.

Beyond their faith life, Darren & Denise laugh a lot together and enjoy movies. While they are enjoying this part of their relationship for the time being, both are hopeful that the future was foreshadowed by the film they saw on their first date back in February—it was The Vow.

Is a marriage proposal in Darren & Denise’s future? Time will tell, as the couple enjoys having their love for each other grow.



  1. Mercy-794463 July 18, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations! Beautiful story!. Many blessings to you both!!

  2. Veronica-56352 July 17, 2012 Reply

    It’s nice to see a couple taking their time and nurturing their friendship first! If this is God’s Plan, nothing will get in the way of them loving each other forever! All God’s blessings to you both! Thank you for sharing you story!

  3. Marita-847688 July 11, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations to you both! Denise, I see a proposal coming your way!

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