Who Wears Short Shorts?


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Fashion experts have pronounced that the short shorts of ’80s aerobics-class fame are back in style. Stars of all ages from Vanessa Hudgens to Eva Longoria have been daring to wear the flesh-baring shorts this summer, and if you are wondering if you’re seeing more skin than in years past, yes, you’re right.

“They’re definitely getting shorter,” Cosmopolitan fashion director Michelle McCool said in a recent USA Today article.

The fashion director urges wearers to be cautious when squeezing into this newest fashion piece as “even the Cosmo office” is not an appropriate place for short shorts. Instead, McCool advises that short shorts be saved for a picnic or party.

Short shorts are nothing new in secular fashion. The term “Daisy Dukes” derives from the early ’80s TV show “The Dukes of Hazard,” where actress Catherine Bach’s character, Daisy, regularly paraded around in the shortest of shorts. And we all watch every summer as the shorts get shorter and shorter, and society’s tolerance for modesty becomes higher and higher.

Just recently at Mass, I watched as a family scooted into the pew in front of me. Both teenage daughters were wearing shorts that nearly caused me to blush! These short shorts would be questionable apparel on a beach and were definitely not meant for a sanctuary.

As I wrote in a “Faith, Hope & Love” blog post last summer, modesty at Mass is an issue of respect and reverence:

“No matter where you sit on the appropriate Mass apparel spectrum, think twice this summer before donning your beach apparel to church. It’s not about what you’re wearing – it’s about who you’re meeting.”

Modesty is not an issue reserved just for females either. The baggy shorts that many men wear, despite a belt around the waist, can be just as revealing.

Beyond the pews, the emergence of shorter than short shorts makes me wonder what piece of clothing will be the “it” item next summer. Single Catholics, trends come and go, and I think we’re all in agreement that we should let the short shorts movement pass us by.




  1. Colette-938707 June 11, 2013 Reply

    It really shows disrespect to those around you, not to mention disrespecting our Lord. To dress in provocative ways causes others to sin when they start lusting. Last autumn, I called out a mother and her daughter because the daughter was wearing a very short dress and spikes to Mass. She could barely keep the dress over her butt, it was that short. The mother said it was fashionable, I said maybe to a club but not to church. The daughter could not have been more than 14 or so. I didn’t care what she thought about my voicing my opinion, but I sure felt better saying it. Showing butt or cleavage at Mass is not appropriate no matter what not even at a wedding.

  2. Christine-972407 June 11, 2013 Reply

    Marita, I celebrate your tolerance. It’s what Jesus Christ advocated.
    Re: children visiting. I am one of 10 very blessed children. I thank my beloved mother every day for giving me life. Mommy went to be with God last February.
    I look forward to the day when I will be with her again.

  3. Lauren-715653 July 25, 2012 Reply

    I think it all depends on modesty and short shorts are not modest. I won’t put them on because I feel like it’s totally disrespectful to wear in front of men in this day and age, but I will wear strapless dresses that come up high enough and don’t reveal any “parts” or are too short. Usually I’ll put a shall or cardigan on anyhow to cover my shoulders. Fashions of today are very revealing and Christ asks us not to go with the things of this world but of his word, but I strongly believe that you make just about anything secular and immodest, modest! It often just takes a needle, thread, a goood undershirt/leggings and a size up. Scarves are also great to cover up low shirts and there are so many DIY treatments to make old clothing fashionable and cute. In mass though, out of respect for the Eucharist, a special king of reverance is required that doesn’t include anything questionable. Dresses below or at the knee, straps required on everything and most should have sleeves, even if only quarter sleeves. If it has a hole in it, don’t wear it and if it is too low, put a undershirt on. I once walked in a Modesty fashion show and it’s so important to remember that the way we dress effects how young girls and boys view their body and feel they should dress or act. If we dress like we have dignity and value, which we do, we will show the coming generations and teach them to see their own worth and dignity given to them by Christ.

  4. Marita-847688 July 24, 2012 Reply

    I think wearing extremely short shorts to mass or wearing a strapless shirt is disrespectful. There are times when I don’t exactly look the most reverent because I’ve got to get to Church or decide to go to Church on Saturday instead of Sunday. I wore shorts to Church as a teenager, but when the priest said something in Mass about teenagers wearing that I stopped doing it. I usually try to cover up for Mass and not expose myself. That being said, I think it is more important that you attend Mass in that attire than not come at all. My great aunt talked about how lucky my grandmother is that her 8 children visit her and are around to help her. She is having a hard time since my grandfather died. My great aunt said that there are so many old people whose children never come to visit, even Christmas, and she has her grandchildren deliver meals to those people. God is our father and creator. Jesus Christ died for our sins, and the Holy Spirit dwells within is. Imagine how God feels when his children don’t come to visit. He is our creator and he sent his only son to Earth for the purpose of preaching the Gospel and giving his life to save his people. I imagine he appreciates that weekly gesture (or more) of us coming to visit in remembrance of him and to pay him respect, though I’m sure he always appreciates the respect of covering our body because it is a temple of the Holy Spirit. I think he loves it when we visit more than we can imagine to pay respect and remember his sacrifice and to receive Holy Communion in remembrance of him. I know he loves it when we visit him in his house, a Holy place. It’s a place where we come to worship and celebrate his victory and him saving us so that we might go to Heaven and spend an eternity with him in his House. He doesn’t want to feel the way I’m sure some people feel when there children never bother to call or visit. He longs to spend an eternity with us and longs for us to visit him in his Holy Temple. He welcomes us with open arms. I’m not saying dressing inappropriately for Church is okay. It is not. However, I’m sure he would much rather us love him and pay him visits and talk with him through daily prayer and at least weekly worship in his Holy Temple than for us never to visit at all. Think about how you would feel if your own children didn’t visit. Now think about how you’d feel if they did, even if they weren’t perfect. Okay, I’ve said my peace.

    • Christine-972407 June 11, 2013 Reply

      Marita, I celebrate your tolerance! it’s what Jesus Christ advocated. Re: children and visiting. I am one of 10 blessed children. We were so blessed that our loving mother gave us all life. She went to be with God last February. I miss her so much!
      Mommy, I love you and I’ll see you some day.
      Christine Renner

  5. Rosa-870260 July 23, 2012 Reply


  6. Elizabeth-641947 July 23, 2012 Reply

    I love Ann Barnhardt!!!!!!

  7. Stephen-725391 July 23, 2012 Reply

    You haven’t heard a real hard line Catholic (single) girl on this subject – Here is the link to Ann Barnhardt’s website where this (below) was posted today (and there is much more) – http://barnhardt.biz/index.cfm

    On Champagne and the Church
    Posted by Ann Barnhardt – July 22, AD 2012 4:22 PM MST
    1. I have received two emails from Frogs, er, excuse me, Frenchmen, in regards to the Vendee video. One was very kind and appreciative, the other was too funny not to share.

    So this Frog, er, Surrender Monkey, er excuse me, Frenchman sends me this email whining about my pronunciation of “Vendee”, “Ancien”, etc. Apparently, to properly pronounce the word “Vendee”, on the second syllable one must corkscrew one’s tongue, bend it backward, then actually swallow the tongue, tip the head backwards, close one’s eyes and while simultaneously belching and stifling lower-intestinal gas, pronounce the “dee” in Vendee.

    Here is my response to Monsieur le Frog:

    You have three choices: French spoken with an American drawl, French spoken with a German accent, or French spoken with an Arabic accent. Since option number one has already thwarted option number two, and option number one is the only hope of thwarting option number three, I STRONGLY suggest that you learn to feel the l’amour du coeur for French spoken with that certain je ne c’est quoi that can only be abstractly described as Lyndon Johnson crossed with Junior Samples.

    2. And now, just because I’m on the topic and thinking of it, can I just say something?

    Champagne is rotgut swill.

    It’s disgusting. In fact, I don’t think Champagne is even made out of grapes. I think Champagne is dirty dishwater with Alka-Seltzer in it.

    (Gurl, she did NOT just go there. Oh my goodness. It’s on now!)

    Oh, I’m not done. I think French wine is totally over-rated these days and is merely cruising on the fact that silly rich people think that they have to pretend to prefer French wine in order to appear “sophisticated.” You know who makes good wine? THE ITALIANS.

    (GUUUURL! Smack! She just said the Italians make better wine! Fight! Fight! Fight!)

    You want some good wine? You want wine that actually tastes good, is cheap, and might change your life? You need to go to any decent-sized liquor store and find the Moscato d’Asti. It is either going to be with the Italian whites, or it will be in the dessert wine section. Do not spend more than $20 on a bottle. The brand doesn’t matter – it is ALL GOOD. Some Moscatos taste like apricots. Some taste like green apples. Some taste like pears. They all have bubbles, and are best served in a tall flute or a desert wine glass – so you can smell them as you drink them. And COLD. COLD, COLD, COLD.

    Moscato d’Asti – the nectar of heaven.

    Champagne – the stuff that winds up backed up in your sink when you try to run too much rotten raw chicken down your garbage disposal.

    3. You would not believe the volume of email I get from Catholics who are fed up and disgusted with the sacrilige they see and have seen for the last 45 years at Mass, but truly have nowhere to go. They almost always ask, “What can I do?”

    Okay. I have THREE action items for you.

    A.) Start receiving Holy Communion kneeling, on the tongue, from a priest only. Get in the priest’s line (you might have to change where you normally sit in order to guarantee that the priest doesn’t run out of hosts) and then step up, kneel down, tip your chin up, KEEP YOUR EYES DOWN – DO NOT EVER MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH THE PERSON YOU RECEIVE THE HOST FROM, open your mouth plenty wide, but not ridiculously wide and stick out your tongue.

    For any of you who are “EMHC’s”, I would STRONGLY urge you to STOP IMMEDIATELY. It is wrong. Don’t do it. It isn’t your place.

    If your faithless, Marxist priest tries to scold you, just tell him that the Pope will ONLY distribute Holy Communion to communicants on the tongue, kneeling.

    If the priest tells you that you are vainly drawing attention to yourself, you tell him that you are drawing attention to Jesus Christ the King by showing Him the proper reverence, adoration and humble submission that He deserves, and that the only opinion on the matter that you care about is Jesus Christ’s, as fully confirmed by His Vicar on Earth, the Pope. Father Jazzhands is just going to have to deal with people showing a modicum of respect for the Eucharist.

    B.) Once you have mastered the proper reception of the Eucharist, you can move on to proper attire. Ladies, get yourself a chapel veil or mantilla and wear it to Mass or whenever you are in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament. Mantillas aren’t like musloid hijabs. Mantillas are literally bridal veils. And they are beautiful. Please. What non-lesbian-Marxist-feminist wouldn’t want to be able to wear bridal attire? I personally like the mantillas that have a comb sewn into them so you can just stick the comb in, the mantilla falls and flows behind you beautifully (like Kate Middleton) and it doesn’t slip, slide or fall off. Good stuff. Oh, and did I mention that you get to look like a BRIDE because you ARE a bride?

    Gentlemen, you need to start wearing either a suit and tie or a sport jacket to Mass. This deal of men going to Mass looking like abject slobs has got to end. Put on something decent. Show some respect. Show some class.

    The best-dressed man I ever saw at Mass was an old Mexican fellow who looked like a laborer, and looked very poor. He was wearing beat-up denim overalls with a collared shirt and work boots. But, over the top of his overalls he was wearing what looked like a 40 year old brown tweed sport coat. Why was he the best dressed? Because even though those overalls and boots were all he had to wear, he showed Our Lord the respect to put on that sport coat, which was the best he could do. Next to all of the rich suburban men who were dressed like revolting slobs in shorts, jeans, sandals, sneakers and tee-shirts, even though they had closets full of clothes, that old man looked like a million bucks and put all of those oblivious metros to shame.

    C.) For the truly advanced, stop holding hands during the “Our Father” and stop participating in the “rite of peace”, aka the social hour/meet-and-greet/make-out session while Christ hangs crucified on the altar.

    During the Our Father, just keep your hands down and bow your head. Hand-holding is not only not in the rubrics of the Mass, it is a horrifically distracting, undignified and self-serving sacrilege that is actually PROHIBITED. Don’t do it. Will you get dirty looks? Oh, absolutely. Offer it up. Remember Christ walking the Via Dolorosa being mocked and hated by the crowds as He went in perfect dignity. LOOK FORWARD to the dirty looks. It means you’re doing it right. It means that you are more like Christ.

    During the rite of peace, which the priest ONLY is supposed to intone, while people are chatting, socializing, running around, making out (I’ve seen it – I’ve seen couples kiss with their mouths open), and generally acting undignified and self-absorbed while Christ hangs crucified on the altar, I would suggest kneeling and bowing one’s head, making reparation for the sacrilege of the Novus Ordo Mass and for what is going on around you at that moment. If someone gets pushy and demands that you pay attention to them, just keep your head down, eyes closed, and ignore them. Do not pull down the kneeler if it is not already down. You might smush someone’s toes. Just kneel down on the hard floor and offer up the discomfort to Jesus, who is on the altar, nailed to the Cross, dying for the sins of the world.

    Bottom line: you have to pick. Do you worship Jesus Christ or do you worship your social status in the parish? If you won’t set a good example and start trying to turn this around, who will? Do you honestly think that these bishops and Father Comrade Jazzhands are going to do this? They aren’t. This is going to have to come from the LAITY. That means you.

    You know what to do. Now, DO IT!!

  8. Ramona-652361 July 23, 2012 Reply

    Short shorts revealing cheeks, the “v” below the belly button, bra straps, heck the whole bra….”In olden days a glimpse of stockings Was looked on as something shocking Now heaven knows Anything goes”

  9. Dirk-631502 July 23, 2012 Reply

    Even here in Canada, all too often I see youth (and sometimes adults too!) wearing questionable clothing. I’ve seen beach-wear, dirty torn jeans with big holes, shirts with what appeared to be distored skulls (yikes!), long droopy t-shirts with sport logos, plad shirts hanging over the jeans and partially tucked in, very baggy cargo pants, …the list goes on. Are we so poor that we cannot at the very least purchase some decent clothing and good footwear that conveys the respect, solemnity and joy of the Mass? Or do we just don’t care?

  10. Stephen-725391 July 23, 2012 Reply

    Burkas, anyone? (sarcasm off)

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