Sports, Seminary, Now Single Life: Jerry Usher (VIDEO)


Jerry Usher

Have you ever looked back on all the jobs you’ve ever had in your life and realized that each one of them have played a distinct role in preparing you for what you are doing today? 

Personally, I look back at the different positions I’ve held over the years and realize how each one of them have helped me gain experience or skills that I use today.
For example, I’ve been in retail sales, insurance sales, and graphic design. I’ve been a Youth-ministry coordinator and a Catholic event coordinator. 
I spent more than five years working for a Southern California-based real estate lending company and handled their REO properties during an economic bubble burst in 1991. This experience has translated into an understanding and appreciation of how hard my husband works as a loan officer in the mortgage industry today, as well as giving me an ability to offer him support when needed. All of these positions provided me with important skills that enable me to serve the Church the way I do now.
And then there is that unique, bold position I took as a telemarketer for a dating service back in the early ’90s. I cold-called the greater Los Angeles area and discussed the importance of finding the love of their lives with complete strangers. I was actually very successful at that and I certainly had no idea how much that experience would come in handy today…
God is always very purposeful in placing you where he wants you and needs you to learn so your experience can translate into serving Him in a unique way that only you can. Often times it seems that a particular position has merely been a stepping stone to something bigger, but with each different position, God actually intended you to learn a particular skill or have a specific experience that you would use later in life for something different.
On that note, let me introduce you to Jerry Usher: radio host, speaker, business leader and single Catholic, but especially someone who can identify with this idea that God’s training ground for future service comes in ways we don’t always recognize or expect.
As you will see in the video, Jerry’s vocational search has gone from his love of sports leading him into sports broadcasting to responding to God’s call to renew his faith and enter the seminary, to finally following God’s direction to work for the Church as an entrepreneur and respected business leader.
Jerry is a great example of living the single years to the fullest and letting God pave the way toward personal happiness.

Jerry Usher is the founder and president of Third Millennium Media, an organization dedicated to helping establish new Catholic radio stations and to assisting the needs of existing stations.

During his 32 years of professional media experience, Jerry has created and hosted numerous radio programs, served as program director for various stations and networks, and helped to start new Catholic radio stations. 

Maintaining a deep love of the priesthood and a desire to promote vocations, Jerry founded and heads an initiative called Vocation Boom! The apostolate features an award-winning web site, a weekly radio show that’s heard around the United States on more than 200 AM and FM stations via the EWTN Global Catholic Radio Network, as well as on Sirius Satellite Radio and the Internet. Jerry and his colleagues are currently developing the next phase of their apostolate, a Vocation Boom TV show, which they hope to debut soon.

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  1. Patty-148888 August 17, 2012 Reply

    Lisa – THANK YOU for posting this video!! I MISS listening to Jerry’s sage wisdom on Catholic Answers Live. I was able to direct many a protestants questions to that very program. I will absolutely keep Jerry’s new ministry in prayer. May Our Blessed Mother continue to cover you in her Mantle of Grace.

    • Lisa-727959 August 17, 2012 Reply

      Thank you, Patty for your response – Jerry is a wonderful force for Catholic media. Thanks also for your prayers – they are most needed and appreciated.

      – Lisa

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