One Word Was All It Took To Bring Terry To Kaye


Kaye and Terry were both faithful Catholics who had gone though pain in previous relationships and had been looking to start fresh. They each found out about CatholicMatch in their parish bulletin. Little did they know it they were in the same Jacksonville-area parish and it would only take a single word to start a special relationship.

This past May, 38-year-old Kaye joined the site as a free member and got an array of emotigrams and messages. She waded through the profiles of those that sent, waiting to see if there was anything that would inspire her to become a full member.

She came to 50-year-old Terry, who had sent her a message. “Now this guy is cute,” she recalled thinking to herself. And his profile, which shared his old-fashioned values and desire for a “nice Catholic girl,” was compelling. Kaye took out a full membership and opened the message. It contained one word—“Hey.”

Great things come from small beginnings, and though Kaye was a little disappointed in the message, she still like Terry and decided to proceed. She picked out the part of his profile where he said this was his first time on a dating website and not a venue he ever expected to be using.

“I just mentioned it was my second attempt at online dating,” Kaye told CatholicMatch. It was the type of low-key, friendly opening message that opens doors when the situation was right. And this one was right.

After further communication online, Terry asked her to meet him at a Starbucks. Kaye admitted she kept finding reasons to not meet him, until a friend persuaded her otherwise. “I had nothing to lose and could end up making a friend, which is a good thing,” Kaye acknowledged realizing. So at the end of June they got together for coffee. It was here they found out they both attended the same parish, just at different times.

After experiencing past heartbreak, Terry & Kaye followed the broken road to each other.

One week later they got together to eat at The Cheesecake Factory and then to see The Amazing Spiderman. It was here that Terry’s chivalry shone through and began to win Kaye’s heart. “Terry made sure he opened doors for me, including the door to his truck, which I wasn’t used to,” she recalled.

“During the movie I wanted him to hold my hand so badly, but he was too much of a gentleman.” As they walked out after the movie, she simply took his hand and they walked back to the truck. “I felt warm all over.” And when Terry picked up her chin at the end of the night to give her a goodnight kiss, she described it as “the most remarkable kiss…I’ve been on cloud nine ever since that moment.”

One night later he invited her over for spaghetti, and the following week she joined him on a trip to West Virginia to see his family. “On Sunday July 15th, Terry told me he loved me,” Kaye said. “This was the cause of our first argument…how could he love me when he barely even knows me. And besides that, I felt that I didn’t deserve him.”

Terry felt she was calling his honesty into question. What was really happening was the wounds of previous heartbreak had surfaced, and Kaye moved past it and told Terry she loved him too.

Today, Terry & Kaye find inspiration in that initial conflict and the Rascal Flatts song, Bless The Broken Road has become their theme, as they move forward together. They pray together and attend Mass together. “After so many bad relationships, I never thought I would find someone who’d live me despite my past mistakes,” Kaye told CatholicMatch.

Only time will tell what the future holds for this couple. Each are dedicated to the service of others in their professional lives, he as a police officer and she as a teacher and catechist. But the road that was once broken, is now paved with the hand of God and they are seeking His will together.



  1. Anne-702606 September 6, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations Kaye and Terry, with God all things are possible, the closed doors are opened by the Almighty Father as long as you believe in Him only. May God bless you and watch over you.

  2. Mei-505686 August 21, 2012 Reply

    inspiring! 🙂

  3. Claudia-635473 August 15, 2012 Reply

    amazing love story, two thumbs up!

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