Gino & Isabel Gave Each Other A Second Chance


Sometimes true love just needs a second chance. Gino & Isabel had connected through CatholicMatch, and had a thoroughly enjoyable date together, but for a variety of reasons, drifted apart. Then they connected a second time and this time it took.

It was 2011 that the first meeting took place. Isabel had read the member stories here at CatholicMatch, and through the inspiration found in one of them, had decided to the pray a 54-day rosary novena to find her spouse. She ended up sending a “smile” emotigram to Gino and he responded with a short message.

Isabel’s prayerful devotion to the rosary helped bring her happy ending to fruition.

Unfortunately the message said that while he liked her profile, he felt the distance was too great. Isabel was in New York City, while Gino was in Massachusetts. But when it turned out her parents lived in the Bay State, he opened up to further messages. The correspondence led to phone calls where the words flowed freely and ultimately to a first date in the Big Apple.

They met in Times Square and Gino was immediately struck by the fact the 36-year-old Isabel looked exactly she did in her picture, and she was quick to notice that the good nature of her 42-year-old companion was as real in person as it had been over the phone.  The date went so well that Gino missed the first bus back to Massachusetts and didn’t get home until well after midnight.

Gino’s compassion when Isabel was sick helped rekindle their relationship.

Gino & Isabel may have felt attraction and the connection, but after three months, neither felt like they had broken through a cloud of gray regarding where they stood with each other, and the relationship stopped.

They still kept in touch though, and a turning point came when Isabel spent time in the hospital, and was touched to receive a get-well card, and then a sympathy card when her grandmother passed away.

Eventually they felt a change of heart and decided that dating was worth a second chance. They traveled back and forth to see each other. He took her through some of the beautiful scenery offered by the western part of Massachusetts, and she took him to her favorite places in New York City, from Brooklyn Bridge Park to Lincoln Center to the Museum of Biblical Art.

And their favorite thing to share together? It was Sunday Mass.

As 2012 progressed, Gino and Isabel began to realize they were meant for each other. This past August, he took her to an Argentinian restaurant and proposed marriage. She accepted, and their wedding is set for April 2013 in New York City.

Gino & Isabel found joy with each other, but that didn’t come without sacrifice, faith and a willingness to start anew.



  1. Maria L. January 11, 2013 Reply

    Gino and Isabel, I really enjoyed reading your story! I am so thrilled that God and the Blessed Mother through the 54 day rosary Novena brought you two together! Congratulations on your engagement and upcoming marriage! Praying for you, for a holy and happy engagement and beautiful Catholic marriage! May God Bless you!

    Maria Therese In Mass 🙂

  2. Martha-792506 October 6, 2012 Reply

    Beautiful story. Congratulations!!

  3. Kathy-730470 September 27, 2012 Reply

    Your story is beautiful ! It is truly inspirational ! I loved it ! God bless you both and I wish you much happiness in your marriage and lives together.

  4. Damien-813773 September 26, 2012 Reply

    Bravo to them ,A lesson learned .Some time you need to take a leap of faith.GOD BLESS.

  5. Loura-844750 September 26, 2012 Reply

    Beautiful story. The conclusion at the end is very inspirational “Gino & Isabel found joy with each other, but that didn’t come without sacrifice, faith and a willingness to start anew”.

  6. Anna-671172 September 26, 2012 Reply

    Well inspiring story. I guess we must be all open to the possibility of a second chance. God bless you Gino and Isabel.

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