One Year Later, Counting My CatholicMatch Blessings


One year ago my life was changed.

It’s dramatic, but it’s true. One year ago, much of my life was the same – same friends, same apartment, same job – but I was lonely. Years of dating and disappointment overshadowed my sunny spirit, and for the first time in my life, I seriously considered that perhaps marriage was something I would never experience.

It was our very own “Faith, Hope & Love” editor Christina Ries who changed all that with a simple email invitation to transform from CatholicMatch blogger to CatholicMatch member. Within days I had an active profile, and I sat back wondering if this unique opportunity would be more than just writing fodder.

It was and it is.

Nearly one year ago, my boyfriend, George, sent me a welcome message that quickly evolved from a casual online connection to something more than each of us ever expected. In the past year, I’ve walked out the special moments I had always kept locked away, hoping that someday I could share them with someone truly deserving.

George is that person, and God’s unending love for each of us becomes more and more apparent as we journey deeper into our relationship. Every dinner date, every “I love you,” every family event and every errand is a reminder of what I once yearned for, a strong partner to share even the simplest things in life with.

It was through CatholicMatch that we first came to realize what could be when two people with God’s love in their hearts join together as a team and set off to conquer the world together. My prayer for you during this changing season of fall is that you see the possibilities that exist on this site and in the world around you.

God’s promises for you are waiting to be fulfilled and every dream you’ve had is waiting to be realized. Walk in that truth and rejoice in this changing season. In one year everything can change.




Editor’s note

Are all the good guys taken? No, I’m happy to report: George’s wonderful brother, Peter, is a member of CatholicMatch. Peter-849795 describes himself as “a bookworm” and “a gentleman” with “a particular devotion to Mary.” Check out his profile and say hello!



  1. Leocardia-1226578 July 18, 2015 Reply

    Amen to your prayer for us. Really true that God makes all things beautiful in His time. ‘In the designs of providenice, there are no mare coincidences’. We will keep up the faith.

  2. Rosanna-564071 December 16, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations! “God’s unending love for each of us becomes more and more apparent as we journey deeper into our relationship”– what a rich, deep, beautiful line. I too had no idea I would meet my boyfriend on CatholicMatch but just signed up as an act of faith. Look what God can do! 🙂

  3. Diane-323361 September 24, 2012 Reply

    It’s “success stories” like these that I love reading on CatholicMatch, and via my friends on Facebook who I’ve known outside the site then met their significant other, or I met through CatholicMatch.

    Both your story, Jessica, and another friend’s appeared on Facebook this week about celebrating one year with their CM sweetheart. I couldn’t help but smile, having celebrated that same occasion with my dear CM boyfriend just one month ago. God truly knows how He will choose to work in every member’s life here on CatholicMatch, and I pray that this site continues to help bring faithful Catholics together to share their faith and their lives.

    Best wishes to you and George – may you be blessed with an abundance of memories to come!

  4. Jeannie-822585 September 24, 2012 Reply

    Jessica and George,

    Yes, it’s the simple pleasures of a committed and loving relationship that God specializes in! I’m sure He smiles with you throughout the day! I’m very happy for you both. Love is very, very special and that special person is a most precious gift of God to you.

    Here’s to continued happiness and blessings from God,


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