A blessed couple: Wedding Mass of Archduke Imre of Austria Habsburg-Lorraine to Kathleen Walker


***EXCLUSIVE*** 120908 Washington D.C. / USA: Wedding of Archduke Imre of Austria Habsburg-Lorraine with Mrs Kathleen Walker THIS PICTURE: exit of church, Wedding took part on saturday 8 september 2012 at Old St.Mary Mother of God Church followed by luncheon at St.Regis Hotel. Kathleen Walker becoming Archduchess Kathleen of Austria Habsburg-Lorraine. Imre is the son of Archduchess Marie-Astrid born Luxembourg and Archduke Christian of Austria Habsburg Lorraine. See enclosed text. Mandatory Photo Credit should read: “LUXPRESS/Jean-Claude Ernst” Autor: LUXPRESS PressAgency 2, rue de Malines L-2123 LUXEMBOURG T: +352-432343 / Mobile: +352 661 432343. ***NOTES TO THE EDITORS: 1. No use for advertisement purposes 2. No model release 3. No responsibility for misuse with inappropriate, unaccurate, modified or false photo-captions or texts 4. Inappropriate use of the original photo and its original texts or captions in any unautorized or autorized publications not observing press deontology will be sued. 5. Deformation of original picture for satirical misuse will be sued. 6.mandatory photo credit quote requested 7. Illegal transmission to any non-autorized third party will be sued as a criminal offense i.e. theft of intellectual property. Protected by DMCA and MCI and by international and national copyright laws. TECHNICAL INFO No Video feeds in HDTV available of this story.


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  1. CarolAnn-724474 September 15, 2012 Reply

    This is so Inspirational and Gratifying. Thank you for posting this LOVE story of Committed Catholics, and New Beginnings!