10 Extraordinary Ways To Show Affection For Your Date


You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams. – Dr. Seuss


Dating and falling in love… What an incredible experience! It’s a step-by-step process of taking an acquaintence-level relationship all the way to true romance and you might say there’s an art to doing this.


People are always looking for unique ways to build romance; creative dates instead of the typical dinner and a movie, out-of-the-ordinary ways to propose marriage, etc. I’d like to offer you some ideas on creative ways to show affection for the one you are involved with. I call them extraordinary because although they are simple, they are overlooked as ways to show affection.


I believe that there should be a reasonable amount of physical affection a couple can show each other during the dating process, but we all know that too much physical affection leads to dangerous situations. I wanted to share these ideas with you that are creative ways to show your affection without getting into that danger zone. And sometimes, the affect these actions have speak much louder than a hug or a kiss.


10. Make your date’s favorite meal completely from scratch and with fresh ingredients. This is a good one especially if you ultimately marry. Then his/her favorite meal you’ll know like the back of your hand and can whip up anytime.


9. Fill up the gas tank after using his/her car and leave a pack of favorite gum, mints, or candy on the console. It’s always a pleasant surprise for your date to return to the car and find this. You might even collect any trash laying around and throw it away.


8. Make frequent eye contact and give genuine smiles. These little gifts take a split second, cost nothing, and can make your date feel appreciated and exhilerated by your sincere reactions.


7. Take a real interest in the sport he loves and learn as much as you can about it. This might be a natural for many women who love sports, but for others like yours truly, it’s not easy. But making the effort to engage in a sport he loves is a great way to bring a new facet to your relationship.


6. Have the waiter or waitress deliver your hand-written card or note to your date for him/ her to read while you have gone to use the restroom. I did this once when we were dating and once again after we were married (so it wouldn’t become expected or mundane). I think I enjoyed it as much as he did!


5. Take the time to tell her why you are attracted to her. Women love to hear their date finds them physically attractive, but they love to hear what else makes them attractive.


4. Take the time to tell him why you are attracted to him. His strengths and talents, his looks, reasons why you trust him, etc.


3. Order a heart-shaped pizza to be delivered when you cannot be there. Yes, it can be done. When my husband and I were dating, he lived in Atlanta and I lived in Connecticut. I called a pizza restaurant near his apartment and asked them to make a heart-shaped, meat-lovers pizza and they thought it was a great idea! When the delivery guy brought the pizza, he wouldn’t leave until Jim had opened the box and saw the surprise. It had a good affect on everyone 🙂


2. Bring or send her flowers. Gentlemen, you just can’t go wrong with flowers. Period.


1. Tuck an affectionate note inside his wallet for him to find next time he opens it or slip one into her purse. I’ve actually uses blank business cards like the ones you can find at office supply stores to write a note and slip it in.


When you do find the right one for you and get married, you can’t stop dating each other. You need to keep the romance alive and even more important, you need to continue to show each other your love in creative ways. I hope these suggestions help you hone your skills for showing affection and having an unforgettable romance!



  1. Helen-869828 October 18, 2012 Reply

    Hi Lisa. Thanks for these helpful suggestions. Love it. I remember my former bf, who always insert/put notes in anything that he borrowed from me. Sometimes he even cut the paper with designs at the edges (heart shape, flower shape etc). It was so sweeettt!!!!

  2. Shefali-910009 October 18, 2012 Reply

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  3. Eileen-890971 October 17, 2012 Reply

    Hi Lisa,

    I thought your ideas were very good. Sometimes it is not an expensive gift but help with an unwanted chore that may be a dealbreaker. I had alot of yard clippings and a friend offered his truck so I wouldn’t have to make multiple trips in my car. It was a life saver and I appreciated it so much!
    Women living alone have so many chores that a man’s strength would be so handy if it were available. How about changing the guts in the toilet or helping with hair clogs…now you are talking chores not for the faint of heart. Maybe not a brand new relationship but a more established one could endure these tasks. In return, there are gifts that a woman could give …. a favorite desert,
    running an errand, getting his treasured coffee stocked (or yours!).
    One of the most unexpected kindnesses I recently experienced was when the man called before coming over and asked if there was anything I needed at the store before he arrived. How sweet was that?


  4. Stephen-725391 October 15, 2012 Reply

    Lisa, Your #7 is especially appreciated (there is another one I appreciate how you stated it also). Anytime I can and it’s in my profile, I mention it – Golf. Heavens NO, I don’t play it but when I was a mere child it would watch golf tournaments (go figure).

    Here is what I say – A golf course is a WASTE of a perfectly good RIFLE RANGE! Every guy young or old, is envious of the guy with his girlfriend or wife participating with him at a rifle range.

    Some guys are just lucky!


    • Lisa-727959 October 15, 2012 Reply

      Thanks for your comment, Stephen! I enjoy golf, although I’m no competition for anyone, so it’s a just for laughs when we play. But we were fortunate enough to go to the PGA tournament on Kiawah Island in August. That was fantastic!

      I just took a gun shooting class last month to get over my fear of guns and I’m beginning to feel a little bit of confidence. I’m only shooting a 22 calibre for the moment but hopefully will get the courage to work up to something more 🙂

      • Stephen-725391 October 16, 2012 Reply

        Lisa, I had the opportunity 15-20 years ago to give 5 minutes worth of instruction to a woman who had unfortunately been shot (accidentally, but shot nonetheless) and was frighten beyond belief of firearms. In those 5 minutes, I taught her how to and she did effectively fire a 45 caliber Thompson Sub Machine Gun – and she liked it.

        It’s interesting that Fr. Williams book you referred to me had the exact same story of mother and son re: motorcycles and guns. His mother told him no, as I recall. My mother put pre-conditions on our having them (my brother and I). We never took her up on the motorcycle, even to this day (sitting in the hospital ER for one solid week), but we went (with dad) and took the Sheriff’s department hunter safety course (the only course offered 50 odd years ago), passed it with 90%+, she and dad went down with us and with our money bought our first 22s and 4 years later bought for me (cause at 16, even then a 16 yoa couldn’t buy one) a Colt 45 Automatic Pistol (later that same year my brother bought from my cousin a 9mm Luger pistol). By the way, from the day Douglas and I got those guns and ammunition, those guns were in our possession and control in our bedroom closet. Some years later while talking with her just prior to graduating from college, she told me that she really didn’t want us to have guns but she gave her word and lived by it. Convert to!


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