Matt & Kendra Found Themselves On The Same Page In Life



Kendra was ready to give up on CatholicMatch. The 27-year-old physician’s assistant working in western Massachusetts still had her profile and a full membership, but her interest in online dating was definitely on the wane.

“I had spent several months communicating with someone long-distance and it didn’t work out when we finally met,” she recalled. “None of my other CatholicMatch first dates clicked. I just recently had my heartbroken.”

Then she got a message from Matt. He was 30-years-old and shared a similar profession and location as Kendra. “How had I not noticed someone that lived relatively near me, was quite eloquent and had an irresistibly handsome grin.”

Matt & Kendra had to work out some differences on questions bigger than the fact they cheer for the rival teams who played in last year’s Super Bowl.

Kendra and Matt first discussed their differences in the faith questions. Kendra initiated this conversation and she admits the security of being behind the computer probably emboldened her a bit.

“He surprised me…with an honest and genuine response, so I decided to give him a chance,” Kendra said. We should also note that Matt’s pro-life convictions were a core part of his profile, including the importance of sharing those values with anyone he dated.

The couple got together for a first date that started as a hiking trip, but rain forced them inside, so they went to a Catholic young adult event in Boston on a Friday evening. The first date went well enough that the second and third dates came on Saturday and Monday. Those three dates laid the groundwork for a relationship that continued to grow.

Matt’s kindness and consideration stood out to Kendra. She recalled a time when they’d made plans for a lobster dinner, but she ended up getting sick and needing to see a doctor before she made it to Matt’s place. “By the time I got there I was stressed by the trip, tired from the day and not feeling well,” she told CatholicMatch. “Matt never complained when I felt too ill to eat and went home a half-hour later. I knew then I would never find another guy like him.”

Matt & Kendra came to realize how much they wanted the same things out of life.

Kendra had concern about their differences at the outset—though caution rooted in prudence, rather than outright skepticism is never a bad thing—but as time went by she saw how much they were really on the same page in life.

Both of them have non-materialistic ideals. Kendra has spent a year doing missionary work in Haiti, and Matt grew up in a large family with modest means, an experience that teaches one the value of a dollar and understanding what’s really important. They both can appreciate life’s simple pleasures, a shared value of incomparable worth.

Matt and Kendra ultimately agreed on what the purpose of dating was—neither wanted to be in a relationship that just drifted. “We were interested in something that might possibly lead to our future family,” Kendra said. “It wasn’t necessarily love at first sight, but there hasn’t been a day since that first email that Matt hasn’t left me desiring to know and love him more.”

Matt & Kendra are ready for their happily ever after time together.




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    Since I know that John knows something about this site, John has told liars and liars. Anything from his mouth not only is rude, is liar. He lies about everything you ask him. When he get caugh, he lies. I will better get away from him before he can be too dangerous. I do not want yo have him on my way anymore.
    Thank you.

  2. Elizabeth-917138 November 12, 2012 Reply

    A very sweet story, God Bless you both 🙂

  3. Regina-911983 November 3, 2012 Reply

    Always remember what the
    Bible says: “love is patient & kind.’

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    i wish i can find my future lifetime partner….

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    A lovely story :). Thank you for sharing and best wishes.

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