The Age Of The Broken Heart


What has happened to the family? These days it seems there are no happy families anymore. Divorce tears families apart. Abuse destroys the meaning of love and protection. Arguments and hurt feelings estrange parents from children. Adults live full lives that rarely or never include other family members because of disagreements. Couples cohabitate instead of marrying because they fear divorce, yet they eventually go their own ways in the end.The family is under attack like never before. This is the age of the broken heart.

But it’s not just your heart, not just mine. Christ’s heart is broken. Christ, the One who is Love itself, grieves over the hurts we inflict upon each other and suffers with those who are left out in the cold. Our Blessed Mother’s heart breaks, too. Her only desire is to see the world come to her Son and her heart is broken as she watches us turn away.

But it’s not too late. All is not lost just yet. Each day is a clean slate, a new chance to change. Society has not yet slipped off the edge of the cliff and you can affect a change, but it must begin with you. Your personal choices, your thoughts, words, and actions, your closeness to God. This is what changing society depends upon.

Today, take a step toward real change. Take a step toward doing things differently; patience, honesty, kind words. Take a step toward love.



  1. Lisa Duffy
    Lisa Duffy October 13, 2012 Reply

    Hi, Stephen!

    My belief is that as long as there is hope, society is not lost, therefore my analogy of the cliff. Once over the cliff, there is no hope. And until the moment of Christ’s coming and the judgement of the world, there is hope for good. It’s not over ’til the fat lady sings!

  2. Stephen-725391 October 12, 2012 Reply

    I respectfully DISAGREE with your statement – “Society has not yet slipped off the edge of the cliff”. If you doubt this, just look at the buffoonery of those two supposedly Catholic men last night!

    I whole-heartedly agree with this follow-up recommendation – “you can affect a change, but it must begin with you.” TODAY, you and only you can and must ACT like a MAN or WOMAN to effect the return to the life Christ desires for each of us!

    Remember the Second Greatest Commandment – Love your neighbor AS YOURSELF! Think about it, if you DON’T love YOURSELF there is NO way you can love your neighbor as commanded and you surely CANNOT love your God and Creator nor His Son, Jesus Christ nor His Son’s mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary.

    This society is in FREE FALL; how you hit the ground depends ENTIRELY upon how YOU ACT toward God, Yourself and ultimately your neighbor!

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