An Emotigram Wink Brought Tom & Roberta Together


Roberta was living a full and active life. The 69-year-old from North Carolina was still running her own tax accounting service during the week and singing in the church choir at her Raleigh parish on Sundays. She found her joy in interacting with everyone and hearing their stories, but she wanted something a more.

That’s when Tom entered the picture.

Tom was 68-years-old and also living in the Raleigh area. Indeed, he was in the same parish as a Roberta. She located him when doing a Catholic search and decided to send an emotigram “wink” his direction. He “winked” back and they were on their way.

After first checking to see if Roberta was on the parish’s social network, Tom invited her to an online chat, which led to some messages back and forth. That, in turn, led to a date for coffee last December. The coffee date led to dinner, trips to the movies and some activities together at the local senior center.

Roberta and Tom found out they shared much more than the same faith and the same parish. They were both active in various ministries and believed in reaching out to others. This past February, Tom proposed marriage and Roberta accepted.

It’s the second marriage for them both. Roberta says they found a re-marriage workshop sponsored by the local diocese to be very helpful. They were able to take an online marriage inventory and review with a volunteer couple locally, along with undertaking a series of reflections offered for engaged couples, before their wedding in the Church.

Roberta credits the support of her family.

Tom and Roberta were unknowingly following the advice given to all CatholicMatch members recently by Father Tim Sullivan, in preparing themselves to the fullest.

This past September, Tom and Roberta were married and she credits those closest to them for helping make it possible. “The tremendous support we received from our families and friends went a long way to make our path smooth,” she told CatholicMatch.

Their lives continue to stay busy. Roberta enjoys the opportunity she has to travel, but she is also grateful to have found someone with whom she can just spend an enjoyable evening watching television.

“We both feel we have been very blessed to have found each other and I pray that God will continue to bless us as we live a ‘couple’s’ life again.”



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