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Lately we’ve been bombarded by political ads, campaign phone calls, mailings and candidate flyers. Part of me is glad the elections are here just so the annoying ads will end.

Recently I was greeted by a group of young professionals who introduced me to the local politician who was running for state representative.

Now let me first say that I am not into politics, normally I would take whatever literature they were throwing at me and keep moving. But as I was standing there (in the rain), I thought of a conversation I had with my mom just days before.

A friend of my mom’s had asked to put a campaign sign on her front lawn. My mom’s immediate question was, “Is she pro-life?”

The response was hostile. “For goodness sake! She is just running for Town Council.”

My mom, responded with a smile, “I know, I’m a radical.”

But the sign didn’t go up.

Flash back to my meeting with Mr. Local politician, I ask, “Are you pro-life?”


I stood there for a good 30 seconds (and believe me 30 seconds was a loooooooong time) before Mr. Local Politician thought of his answer. Finally he said, “Well, I personally am.”

Me: “Great! Would you vote pro-life if a matter came up?”

Mr. Local: “I’m just running on the local level. It doesn’t matter.”

Me: “But if it ever came up, would you vote pro-life?”

ML:: (pause) “No.”

And with a smile, I politely handed him back his flyer and walked away.

Being pro-life matters to me.

Maybe they think I’m dumb because the question of abortion doesn’t come up in planning and zoning meetings, but in reality local politicians sometimes move up to the next level where the question of abortion does come up. If I’m supporting a politician on any level, he or she better be pro-life.

I got into my car and said a prayer for Mr. Local Politician. Maybe in those 30 seconds of silence the Holy Spirit planted the seed. Maybe he’ll think about what is important … and change his mind.

Today we go to the polls to vote for our new president. Let us join together in prayer for our nation:

O God our Creator, from your provident hand we have received our right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You have called us as your people and given us the right and the duty to worship you, the only true God, and your Son, Jesus Christ. Through the power and working of your Holy Spirit, you call us to live out our faith in the midst of the world, bringing the light and the saving truth of the Gospel to every corner of society.

We ask you to bless us in our vigilance for the gift of religious liberty. Give us the strength of mind and heart to readily defend our freedoms when they are threatened; give us courage in making our voices heard on behalf of the rights of your Church and the freedom of conscience of all people of faith.

Grant, we pray, O heavenly Father, a clear and united voice to all your sons and daughters gathered in your Church in this decisive hour in the history of our nation, so that, with every trial withstood and every danger overcome—for the sake of our children, our grandchildren, and all who come after us—this great land will always be “one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

For more resources and to follow the election, visit these helpful sites:

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… and don’t forget to vote!




  1. Dave-912400 November 8, 2012 Reply

    Alright then, Maggie, what if someone said, “I don’t believe in terrorism, but I can’t impose my beliefs on everyone in the country”? Or “I don’t believe in pedophilia, but I can’t impose my beliefs on everyone in the country”? Or “I don’t believe in robbing banks, but I can’t impose my beliefs on everyone in the country”? Or “I don’t believe in racial discrimination or slavery, but I can’t beliefs on everyone in the country”? Would you want to vote for them? I highly doubt it, as you know those things are wrong, and you’d surely be aware that if you voted for such candidates, then you’d be making yourself an accessory to those crimes, as you’d be helping to enable them. It’s the same with abortion. Bottom line: abortion is murder, and if you vote for pro-abortion candidates, then you make yourself an accomplice to murder.

    Your claim that pro-choice and pro-abortion aren’t synonymous is hogwash. Nobody — but NOBODY — has the right to choose to do what is wrong.

    As for your claim about judging others, nonsense! Until you posted, NO ONE had judged ANYBODY on here. We’re not supposed to judge people, of course, but we ARE supposed to judge actions; we’re supposed to call right and wrong what they are. But then here you come and wrongly accuse us of judging others and acting all self-righteous, so now we actually do have someone on here who’s judging others — YOU!

    Finally, if you think men are more vocal than women when it comes to pro-life, then it seems to me that you just don’t want to see all the vocal pro-life women out there (and there are lots of ’em). As for the death penalty, the Church HAS NEVER taught that it’s intrinsically evil. And your claim that most pro-lifers “don’t give a darn about the poor and suffering who are already born” is laughable — prove it! But you can’t because you know it’s not true. Pro-lifers are at the forefront of adopting children, helping poor families, counseling women in crisis pregnancies, etc.

    • Dave-912400 November 9, 2012 Reply

      Oops, why’d I say Maggie? I meant MariCeleste!

  2. MariCeleste-758570 November 8, 2012 Reply

    Wake up, people! You cannot impose your beliefs on everyone in the country! While I personally would not have an abortion, I cannot tell others what to do unless i’m willing to help raise those children or help to pay for them. Pro-choice is NOT synonymous with Pro Abortion, and unless you are in someone else’s shoes, you have no right to judge.
    Let God do the judging. Remember, Jesus came for the sinners, not the saints.
    I also find it quite amusing that the men seem to be the most vocal when it comes to “pro life” and that many “pro lifers” are pro death penalty or don’t give a darn about the poor and suffering who are already born.

    • Tessa-694373 November 8, 2012 Reply

      If someone came to me and said I either have to find someone to adapt my UUNBORN baby or I have to have an abortion (MariCeleste which is killing an unborn baby)-I WOULD GLADLY ADOPT HER BABY!!!
      WOMAN WHO IS A PRO-LIFER -there are over a million women around the world who are PRO-LIFERS!!!

      • Dan-787415 November 9, 2012 Reply

        That says something Tessa… over a million is probably an understatement. I’m sure many of the people in this blog have seen video of a late-term abortion. How any God-fearing person can allow another person do that to an innocent child, is beyond me. Is it not worse to say, after witnessing one man slaughter another unsuspecting, innocent man, “I don’t condone or condemn his actions”?

        someone brought it up: ” unalienable rights … life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness…”

        consider this our framework, our mantra, our vision statement (like that of a company).
        abortions, just like other punishable crimes deserve consequences. they are no exception, nothing to sweep under the rug.

        plain and simple: late-term abortion is murder. period.

        now, say the child is only 5 mos old. not late-term but clearly visible and distinguishable. Then is abortion ok? or maybe at 2 mos? then ok? how bout 2 weeks?

        If you are God-fearing, wouldn’t you step back and remember that humans have Spirits. Or Im assuming you do believe that. And if thats the case- we have Spirits- then who are we to decide when that Spirit begins? And if we realize this, then take another moral step and condemn those actions, holding them as equally accountable as murder.

        • Tessa-694373 November 9, 2012 Reply

          All these people who claim it is their right and their body…what about the rights of the unborn baby by killing that baby you take away all their rights…I commend you for standing up for the unborn babies’ rights too!

  3. Bryan-668733 November 7, 2012 Reply

    I cannot believe people turned their backs on Jesus Christ, the sanctity of life for the unborn, and our Judaio-Christian / Catholic values and foundation. Obama is out of touch with our American Foundation. He lied to get votes and the blacks turned their back on Jesus because Obama is black. I have more experience then both Romney and Obama advising the Whitehouse on Real World Solutions. Why did America turn their backs on Christ? We need to evangelize the masses more. Lord please Shephered our Nation more thoroughly and release the Grip these Liberals have. They are putting our very freedoms at risk.

  4. Bryan-668733 November 7, 2012 Reply

    You guys should have supported me on the Republican ticket. Romney has already rolled over and played dead. I had to call and dispute some election results myself. He should have stood up for America and challenged the votes. There are problems in California, Ohio, Philly and Colorado. I already called the people involved to check into Cincinatti voting accusations. They are in Cleveland Ohio. I had a woman call the Attorney General near her city in Ca. too. I cannot believe we had a muslim lie to Americans and get their vote. Obama is a National Security Risk.

  5. Maria-846262 November 7, 2012 Reply


  6. Dave-912400 November 6, 2012 Reply

    Amen, Bernard!

  7. Bernard-717398 November 6, 2012 Reply

    3,500 innocent babies murdered daily in the land of the free. Wow! How did this come to be? I don’t know who said it, but the statement “All that is need for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing”, is very true. As Catholics we cannot afford to be apathetic when it comes to this issue. If we allow the freedom to live slip thru our fingers, the other freedoms will follow. I am sorry, but the liberal agenda and Catholic Faith are at opposite ends of the pole. It’s time to exercise your faith America! Vote for life, because if you don’t, your own life may be the next target…..Don’t tell me that can’t happen. Take a lesson from history. Study up on how Hitler came to power!

    • Patrick-432827 November 7, 2012 Reply

      Hi Bernard, the excellent quote you referenced is generally attributed to Burke.
      “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” (Edmund Burke)
      I have also seen it associated with comments made by Ronald Reagan.

      • Tessa-694373 November 7, 2012 Reply

        This quote should of been heeded by many good people yesterday…may be the election outcome would of been different.

        All I can do is pray that God takes mercy on us and Our Country…it is going to be a very long and sad 4 more years…

  8. Stephen-725391 November 6, 2012 Reply

    Pro–life, YES! Second Amendment, Yes! If you hesitated on the second – You had better reevaluate your position on Pro-Life!

  9. Dave-912400 November 6, 2012 Reply

    Fran — The Church doesn’t teach against the death penalty, and she also teaches there’s such a thing as a just war. I don’t know where you heard that the Church approved abortions for Ugandan nuns, but it’s not true. The Church CANNOT and WILL NOT approve of such things. Maybe one or more individual priests or bishops gave their consent to it, but if so, they were wrong — DEAD WRONG (after all, they can sin just like the rest of us). Face it — it is a MORTAL SIN to vote for candidates who support abortion, gay marriage, etc.

  10. Fran-741537 November 6, 2012 Reply

    There is much more to the Gospel agenda than being pro-life. I know many “pro-life” folks who are pro-death penalty and pro-war. Doesn’t strike me as being very consistent. As for being anti-abortion, for which “pro-life” is just a euphemism, will someone in the hierarchy please comment on the report that the Church approved abortions, according to a former pastor, for Ugandan nuns who were impregnated by rapist soldiers run amok during a civil war, decades back?

    • Tessa-694373 November 6, 2012 Reply

      The Roman Catholic Church has NEVER Approve abortion under any circumstance!!

  11. Brenda-74660 November 6, 2012 Reply

    For years a supervisor thought I was silly for voting purely on the pro-life issue. After she was ill recently we talked and it seems my being so adamant on this issue and having answers every time she had questions helped her decide to open her heart to what is important qualities in a candidate. My theory is if I vote pro-life God will bless my decision and take care of those other issues….

  12. Tessa-694373 November 6, 2012 Reply

    All truly practicing Catholics need to remember these issues when they cast their vote!!
    Well written and timely blog!

  13. Mari-611004 November 6, 2012 Reply


  14. Jason-903264 November 6, 2012 Reply

    Good for you.

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