Jackie Held To Her Standards & David Met Them


It was New Year’s Eve 2009 and Jackie had a premonition—a vision, if you will. It was her first date with David and they started it off by attending Mass. “I had a premonition of us eventually kneeling in church at our own wedding,” she said. “A moment later I wondered why that vision popped into my head.”

The couple from the Michigan began seeing each other regularly and after a few months they began to talk openly of the idea of a life together. It seemed like 59-year-old Jackie’s vision was right on course.

It took a brief period of being broken up to convince Jackie and David they were right for each other.

Then David and Jackie hit a bump in the road and broke up. They entered a period of being in the desert, without each other, but the other person was never far from their mind. “I dated a few guys, but realized I was comparing everyone to him,” Jackie said of the 60-year-old manufacturing worker. “He was romantic, genuine, honest, caring and had a similar lifestyle (to hers),” she told CatholicMatch.

Perhaps the caution they felt was inevitable—each had been through the pain of a marriage that had ended and been annulled by the Church. In fact, Jackie had been in the process of giving up on the idea of love itself. Her 27-year-marriage had ended due to excessive drinking and infidelity, and even in her efforts to date again, pain seemed to be around every corner.

Eventually, the registered nurse, realized there were some remedies she could apply herself and it started with believing in her own values and moral principles. “Looking back, I realize I compromised some of my standards by dating the guys I did,” she candidly admitted.

After a year of marriage, Jackie is even more grateful she held firm to her standards and found the right man in David.

Whatever hurts existed between David and Jackie that caused the breakup proved insignificant in light of the good they saw and each other. The reconciliation process proved to be a school in forgiveness and a deeper understanding of the mercy God gives to all.

Three months after getting back together, they were engaged and seven months after that—in November 2011—they were married.

With a year of marriage past and life continuing to go well, Jackie believes it’s important to trust God’s timing, and in that light, to hold true to one’s standards.

“I tell people not to compromise their standards,” she told CatholicMatch. “The Lord rewards patience and his timing is better than our own…if you see red flags, move on…and have faith that God will bring the right person at the right time.”

The Lord brought Jackie a good man in David, and him a good woman. That’s something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and their sharing of their journey together is surely a light on the path of every CatholicMatch member.



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  2. Angel-929947 October 6, 2013 Reply

    I like the line “I tell people not to compromise their standards.” Congratulations to both of you living in a Christ-centered relationship.

  3. Valerie-890798 December 31, 2012 Reply

    Congrats on finding each other. I hope you have a very blessed 2013 together.

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    I’m having trouble getting connected, I have a new phone and trying to get use to it. I would like to meet a traditional Catholicwho believes all of the church’s teachings

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    Wonderful story. Congratulations Jackie and David! God’s timing is the best as it is written on Psalms 31:15 “My times are in your hands”……….

    God bless you

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    Congratulations to you both. This story gives us hope. May you have a long lasting and happy marriage.

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    It is very true…hold true to your standards and DON’T SETTLE! Keep The Faith! God has his plan for you…

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    Great story! Many blessings in your marriage!

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    Good story, and I hope you have a great marriage!

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