Persistence & Faith Brought Roddy & Kate Together


Roddy came to Minnesota looking to rebuild his life and he came to CatholicMatch looking for a virtuous woman to do it with. The 24-year-old relocated from Alaska after a messy breakup that left him deep in debt. When it came to finding some female companionship, he wanted no part of the bar scene and decided to go online in the hopes of finding someone more mature.

In November 2010, Roddy crossed paths with 21-year-old Kate, from the same small town on the St. Croix River. They came from completely different backgrounds. Kate was the oldest of seven children and a devout Catholic who always made time for a weekly Holy Hour.

Roddy candidly admitted his own lifestyle in Alaska was less than that, including the relationship with a woman that had left him staring at a $35,000 debt. But he had made the decision to change, Kate saw the good in him and within a week of their initial meeting, Roddy and Kate were having dinner at a local Perkins restaurant.

“When we sat down and talked, I immediately fell in love with her smile and her laugh,” Roddy recalled. “She fell in love with my quirkiness and strong personality.”

From shared faith to physical attraction to feeling like they’d known each other forever, Roddy & Kate were meant for each other.

They also found they had much in common, starting with Faith—Roddy was also making it a habit to go to the Adoration chapel. He was drawn to the strength and depth of her faith. “This woman wanted to be a saint more than anything,” he told CatholicMatch. “That sealed the deal for me.” The strength of faith provided the foundation for their physical attraction to each other and a natural flow of conversation to grow.

Roddy and Kate had challenges to meet. He was dealing with some residual bitterness of the breakup that cost him emotionally, as well as left him working three jobs to dig out of debt. “Kate could tell I wasn’t over the last relationship yet,” he said. “But Kate and I knew that we had great potential together, so we stuck it out.”

For her part, Kate had to deal with an ex-boyfriend of her own that was proving somewhat problematic. As her relationship with Roddy strengthened, and it became apparent to the ex he wasn’t getting her back, Kate began receiving numerous phone calls and an ominous text saying he was coming to her house.

Roddy was aware of the situation and the night the ex talked about coming to Kate’s house, he went and waited outside. “I had absolutely no game plan whatsoever if he did show up and was aggressive,” Roddy recalled. “But I had to protect my lady.” The old boyfriend didn’t show, but the police did—as it turned out, there had been a theft nearby and standing outside milling around had made Roddy look suspicious. Not until the officer spoke to Kate—who’d gone to bed and slept soundly through the fiasco—was the crisis averted.

Roddy & Kate persisted through hard times, both individually and as a couple, and in June 2013, they will be wed.

The couple had to avert other crises of a more relational nature in the beginning. “We both were stubborn and set in our ways when it came to money, jobs, family, modesty, etc,” Roddy told CatholicMatch. “But as time went on, I prayed…and I realized that she is a saint. My pride had stopped me for so long, and I wanted to be like her. That’s when I knew I loved her.”

It was thus in that same adoration chapel that Kate had been making her weekly Holy Hours, that Roddy proposed to her and she accepted. The couple will be married in June of 2013.

If there is one thing that stands out in the story of Roddy and Kate, it is the value of persistence. He was working hard to rebuild his life when they met, and persevering in faith. She had persisted in the same faith for her life, knowing she would end up where God wanted. They both endured trials in their relationship. Even today, they persist—Roddy is working three jobs to save up for the wedding, as she goes to a local community college for cosmetology. They’ve worked hard to give themselves a foundation for a life together and persistence never goes unrewarded.



  1. Marita-847688 November 29, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations to you both. I hope if I get married someday that my future husband will be as loving, providing, and protecting as Roddy is.

  2. Linda-666928 November 23, 2012 Reply

    I THINK LIKE TWO DAVE get along stubborn that many relationships are completed.

    But if you can, have a neighbor who HIS WIFE IS loud and screaming, HOWEVER they take BIEN.TIENEN years together.



  3. Dave-146273 November 23, 2012 Reply

    great story Dan,, i especially like this part of it.. “We both were stubborn and set in our ways when it came to money, jobs, family, modesty, etc,” Roddy told CatholicMatch”,.. which i think is a Common obstacle and causes many to lose possibly great relationships.

  4. Gina-775037 November 21, 2012 Reply

    hey kate is gina you sure have a better life than i do because i will never get that kind of love and attention or even meet a guy in which i stink at doing

  5. Maria-336468 November 21, 2012 Reply

    Congratulations! Indeed, persisitence and faith paid off. May you have a blessed marriage and life. Stories like these bring a smile to my face. 🙂

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