5 CatholicMatch New Year’s Resolutions


Make your CatholicMatch resolutions today!

As soon as we savor the last of the Christmas cookies and tuck away the final holiday decorations, we’re already making a mental list of our New Year’s resolutions for 2013.

Lose weight. Attend confession regularly. Quit smoking. Take up a new hobby …

If you’re like me, the list is probably the same every year, and the date of January 1 represents a recommitment to a healthier lifestyle and a rededication to the core tangents of our faith.

The New Year also represents a time to refocus your CatholicMatch search and prepare for the new possibilities that lie ahead. Here are five simple ways you can jump start your online dating life in 2013:

Refresh your profile
If you’ve been on CatholicMatch for more than a year, it’s time to update your “about me” section, along with your other profile information, with new details about experiences you’ve had or your hopes for the future. Click here for tips on improving your profile.

Visit the CatholicMatch forums
CatholicMatch offers numerous opportunities for you to interact with other Catholic singles in a variety of forums. In addition to offering your opinion on important topics, you may also meet someone new!

Upload a new picture
Your profile picture is the first thing other members see when viewing your profile, so make sure you’re making the best first impression with an updated, smiling photo of yourself!

Read the “Faith, Hope and Love” blog
I may be biased, but this blog offers great, faith-inspired perspectives on dating, divorce and other issues important to Catholic singles. Check in regularly for new posts and even make a comment or two!

Make a move
After you’ve refreshed your profile, it’s time to take a risk and send an emotigram or message to someone you’ve had your eye on. You’re on a dating website, so it’s time to make a move!

In what ways will you approach your CatholicMatch experience differently in 2013? Share your thoughts and hopes for the New Year in the comment section below.

I pray that CatholicMatch will hold many blessings for you in 2013!


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  1. Meesch-691047 January 4, 2013 Reply

    I plan to update my picture… one day… eventually… most certainly before 2014… maybe!

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