5 Festive Dates For This Christmas Season


The madness of Black Friday is behind us, and the first Advent candle has been lit, ushering all of us into the Christmas season. It’s a busy time complete with gift giving, cookie baking and, of course, a faithful anticipation of Christ’s birth.

We also know that it’s a lonely season for singles. The holiday work parties and family celebrations are difficult to navigate alone. But even though the tree needs trimming and the presents need wrapping, there is still an opportunity to share the holiday season with fellow CatholicMatchers on festive dates. Here are a few ideas to get started:

Tour of lights
Research top spots in your local area to enjoy twinkling lights together by foot, clad in hats and mittens, or in the warmth of your own car! Don’t forget the hot chocolate.

Ice wars
Even if it’s been years since you’ve laced up skates, head to the local ice rink and do a few slow laps together. If you’re more competitive, bring a couple of hockey sticks and a puck along for a friendly competition.

Give back
We’re all reminded of our blessings during the Christmas season, so spend your date filling a box for Operational Christmas Child or giving to a local charity. Not only will you have the chance to talk, but you’ll be making a difference together.

All the world’s a stage
Local theater groups from high school age to professional level perform holiday classics like “The Nutcracker” on stage all through December. Pick an evening performance and enjoy a glass of wine beforehand.

Hit the slopes
You’re more than likely going to enjoy your fair share of calories this Christmas, so invite your date on a day either skiing or snowboarding. You can trade the pressure of a formal dinner for a relaxing run down the slopes!

The holiday season can be difficult for singles, so send a message to that special someone on CatholicMatch and let the possibility of something new warm your heart this Christmas.


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  1. Candace-587406 December 9, 2012 Reply

    I felt the article was well written, and I also loved the winter date ideas. However for me, I don’t personally make an association between feeling lonely and the Christmas holiday. Sure, ever single person deals with loneliness from time to time, but I wouldn’t say that I feel it more around the holiday. I am a huge fan of Joel Osteen, and our minds and thoughts can grab a hold of our reality. If you focus on being lonesome during Christmas, don’t be surprised if you are, but if you instead adopt a positive attitude and look to the future with hope, you will instead feel encouraged and find contentment.

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