Daniel & Jana Walk The Road Of Faith Together


Daniel, a 29-year-old Anglican, was researching Catholicism and he decided to Google dating sites. He was attracted to CatholicMatch’s emphasis on Church doctrine—and he was looking for a Catholic woman.

Jana, who is a year older than Daniel, was also living in the Denver area. She valued tradition and simplicity in her life. She was a little skeptical of online dating and acknowledged that she would never have tried it on her own, but at the urging of others decided to create a profile.

Daniel brought a love of adventure to his relationship with Jana.

Daniel reached out to Jana after finding her on a search, and given their proximity to each other, he quickly asked her to meet for coffee. A week after the first online contact, they were meeting face-to-face. When it was over, they were both sure something special was happening.

“We both knew we were soul mates,” Daniel said of the ensuing five-month courtship. “(It’s) hard to explain, but we both have a high emphasis on Church, family values and goals and dreams for our lives.”

Jana wasn’t the only women Daniel met on CatholicMatch, and while he freely praised the others, he found himself partial to Jana’s qualities. As one who loved conversation, being at coffee shops and bringing laughter to others, they were a matched pair.

Jana matched Daniel’s intellectual prowess and shared her love for life’s simple joys.

The couple was also well-matched in the intellectual sphere—Jana enjoys reading and she cited theological works as an area of interest— which was certainly an ideal fit for someone like Daniel, as he probed questions of faith more intensely.

After five months of dating, they were engaged. Perhaps it was fitting for a couple bound together by a shared love for God and for the simple things, that the proposal took place in the church parking lot after Sunday Mass.

In April 2013, Daniel and Jana will be wed. He currently works as an IT account executive, while she cleans residential homes. Their journey of faith now continues on together.



  1. Megan-792062 January 13, 2013 Reply

    Congratulations! I agree with the comments posted here as well! 🙂 It’s nice to read about the “success” stories!

  2. Rosanna-564071 December 16, 2012 Reply

    Ohhh! Did Daniel eventually convert from Anglican to Catholicism, then? What an interesting and different than usual story to read here. Congratulations!

  3. Yamileth-863895 December 15, 2012 Reply

    Blessings for them, because I also have great faith in being able to find my husband here, Gad will put in my way, someone worthy and especially having God in your life and in your heart.

  4. Candace-587406 December 8, 2012 Reply

    Congrats to them. I hate to be the one to spoil the party, but if my future husband is reading this, please don’t propose to me in any parking lot! (lol) Good luck to the couple!

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