Good Things Came With Robert & Priscilla’s Wait


It was August 2006 when Robert and Priscilla first crossed paths on Catholic Match. It was nearly two years later that they really began dating. The path of letting their relationship grow gradually bore good fruit when they were wed in June 2010.

Priscilla, 35 years old, living in the Queens borough of New York and working as a contract manager for a real estate developer in Manhattan, saw the ad for Catholic Match in her parish bulletin. The devout Catholic, whose parents were from Ecuador, wanted a spouse who was equally devoted to the Church.

Robert was from nearby Long Island, and the 44-year-old was a legal assistant in the Nassau County Attorney’s Office. Born of a Belgian-born father and Belgian- American mother, he came across Priscilla’s profile on Catholic Match and was favorably impressed.

After a couple of weeks messages, phone calls and trading photos, they got together for lunch. “It was a pleasant encounter and we both kept in touch”, Priscilla recalled. It might not have been love at first sight, but there was enough there that neither was willing to trade it away for anyone else.

By April of 2008, each was starting to feel differently and they began a courtship. Robert’s virtues began to shine even more brightly for Priscilla. “I was impressed by his manners”, she told Catholic Match. “He was always a gentleman and very thoughtful and protective”.

A casual lunch date in 2006 eventually led to a marriage in the summer of 2010.

While they each came from different cultures, their backgrounds were very similar giving each a common values system behind the fundamentals of faith. They also found common interests. “He was fun-loving and enjoyed going to concerts, traveling, music, cooking and dancing”, Priscilla said. And, beyond all that there was something even more basic – “I just thought he was adorable”, she lovingly recalled.

On Holy Saturday of 2009, they were out celebrating their one-year anniversary of dating at Prima Pasta, a favorite restaurant of Priscilla’s. It was the place where they had met a year before to reconnect after briefly disappearing from each other’s lives. After they finished dessert, Robert had a question to ask.

Robert & Priscilla shared both faith, and a passion for activities, like traveling together.

“Oh my God…Of course, si” was Priscilla’s reaction to the proposal Robert made to her in Spanish. But there was one thing that made her pause – she wasn’t sure if she’d heard his question right. “I asked him to repeat the question in English because I wanted to make sure he knew what he was saying and I had heard it right”, she said. “Poor guy”. Robert had no problem repeating the question in

English and Priscilla was able to say “yes”. Their first act as an engaged couple was to attend the Easter Vigil Mass at her parish, and from there they went to share the news with her family and celebrate with champagne.

The wedding took place in June 2010 in Queens and was followed up by a two- week honeymoon in Europe. “I’m so thrilled to have found someone who is equally passionate about the Catholic faith and shares so much in common with me”, Priscilla told Catholic Match.

Today the couple live in a house in suburban Long Island.


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