Lynette & Kamil Seemed Like An Unlikely Match


Lynette had no problems with being able to meet people. Though the 27-year-old had just moved to the Washington D.C. area to work for non-profit political organization, she had an active social life, was involved in her local parish and had more than her share of her doubts about online dating.

Given all this, she wasn’t what one would consider a prime candidate to end up as an online dating success story. But that’s exactly how things ended up.

Kamil & Lynette, at a beach in her native Michigan, found online dating a valuable tool for getting outside their customary social circles.

The ability to establish faith as a foundation was important in her eventual online connection with 25-year-old Kamil, a medical student at Georgetown University. “Listing the seven different Catholic beliefs on our respective profiles helped us find someone who shared the basic tenets of our faith,” she said. “It was such a blessing to have those foundations established from the beginning of our relationship.”

Kamil and Lynette’s relationship still seemed unlikely, even at the outset. The six-month subscription she had taken out in the summer of 2011 was winding down, and though she’d had some dates, nothing had come of them and she was ready to let her subscription lapse.

And Kamil himself was different than who she envisioned herself with, starting with physical appearance. “He had a chiseled, European look,” she told CatholicMatch. “I had thought I would end up with more rugged older man.”

But she still was intrigued enough to want to know more about him, so she sent him a message. Lynette found out that Kamil had lived in Poland until he was 11 and his family emigrated to New York City. She decided she wanted to learn more.

It was during the Christmas season of 2011 that this was initially transpiring and despite the busy schedules of both, they found time to exchange messages and chat online. Lynette was determined not to have just an online relationship though, and they both made time to meet in the Georgetown area of D.C., where they enjoyed dinner and cupcakes for dessert.

Kamil’s chivalry was quickly evident, as he walked Lynette backed to the metro line in spite of a heavy rain. “I managed to find a friend to pick us up and take Kamil home,” she recalled. I sure was surprised the next day when he asked for a second date.”

When you begin a relationship near Christmas, it always invites some tough questions—particularly when the relationship isn’t even a “relationship” just yet. Lynette wasn’t sure if she should get Kamil a gift, but he had no such hesitation. When he presented her with two C.S. Lewis books she knew she had someone special.

It’s nearly one year later and Lynette and Kamil are still together and working out the possibilities for a shared future. Kamil is still in medical school, while Lynette—a self-described “Midwestern girl at heart” might like to eventually get away from the city. For right now though, they’re enjoying being at the hub of activity, and most of all, being there with each other.

“CatholicMatch helped Kamil and me go outside of our existing social circles to find someone in our area whom we wouldn’t otherwise have met,” she said.

Kamil & Lynette are discerning the future and anticipating engagement as a part of it.



  1. Sue-906387 December 1, 2012 Reply

    Wow what an inspiring and encouraging story Lynette and Kamil. I pray God would give you wisdom to during the discernment period. Best wishes to both of you while keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Marcello-838081 December 4, 2012 Reply

      I wish I could find someone the way Lynette and Kamil did. I dont even get ladies replying to my messages and that sounds very rude. I am looking for a lady younger to me by some years, someone with a good catholic faith, someone with caring, sharing and above all, one who will always be committed. Is there any way of helping me out?

      • Louis-900679 December 9, 2012 Reply

        Yes there is Marcello.. BE PROUD TO BE CATHOLIC.. And ABBA will Guide.. Chin up and Chest Out my Friend!!

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